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Thread: Dry Bag

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    Dry Bag

    Traded my 2003 RT for an 08 GT, and just can't see the top case priced at nearly $900.00. I had the top case on my RT, and it was great used it every year for the rally always met my expectations. I know about the givi options, but this time I think I'm leaning toward a large dry bag. I have been looking at the Sea to Summit line, and was wondering if anyone has had any expieriences with them. I'm Looking at the E-vac or the Big River dry bag.

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    Check out the grand touring bags at Mag's Bags:

    Click Here

    Have one and it has given excellent service.

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    Float bag...

    I just picked up a camping PVC "float" bag, like you'd use when canoing, from Walmart. I think it cost me 12 bucks. Works like a charm.
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    i picked up dry bags at an army surplus, one for each case. Have $15 invested. I keep all my gear in them at all times just to keep everything in one spot. They're there when I need them. h

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    Another option you might want to check out is the Pelican line of watertight hard cases. They make some about the right size.
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    You might want to check out the Moto Fizz bags offered through RiderWarehouse. They come in three sizes and go on and off the bike very easily. You can attach over the passenger seat area, or where your top box would locate. I have a medium and can over pack with out too much effort.


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    I have the large Motofizz and I can tell you that if you need more then that, then your taking too much stuff with you. I call it my steamer trunk. It fits on my K12RS with no problem. With the side cases and that bag you could be gone for a month. The bag has a lot of good features and you'll like the way the bag mounts on the bike. The bag comes in three sizes and all are expandable.


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    I've tried a few drybags. My favorite, by far, is the ortlieb rack-pack. Simple, bulletproof, waterproof...just not fancy. Also not as inexpensive as some of the others, but, for me, well worth the money.

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    helen two wheels

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    +1 for Helen Two Wheels.

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    I've got a large dry duffle bag:

    Roll Top Dry Duffel Bag

    Big and fairly inexpensive.

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    Thumbs up Ortlieb!!

    Ortlieb bags, available from Aerostich.

    They are available in 3 colors (black, red, yellow) and in 3 different sizes (small, medium, large). They are all top loading, 100% waterproof. I have had mine for years, with no problems. I recommend them. Worth the money in gold. My food for thought....
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    I recently bought a 55litre Sealline Baja bag at Dick's Sporting goods for $25.
    Holds all my camping gear and is bright yellow so adds to the overall visibility of the bike.

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    Prior to this year I had used a bag from Harbor Freight that was black vinyl with compartments on the ends. No claim of water resistance was made. I had an old Army waterproof bag (sort of like a rubberized laundry bag) that I would place over it when needed.

    I checked various catalogs & I really liked the look of the moto fizz, I decided against it pretty much because it was not water proof without encasing it in a cover provided. (I had found the rain cover on my old set-up to be a nuisance)

    I had pretty much decided to get the H2W bags while in Gillette, and after being able to hold them and look at them I did so. They are waterproof, designed to attach and work well together and segregate my gear (clothing in one, bedding in the second and tent in the third).

    I bought the straps, but on the recommendation of a Chicago member I also bought ROK straps that have more convenient buckles at the adjustments and a section with a bit of stretch for good measure.

    Being waterproof, modular so to speak and made to attach to one another with a common connection made the sale for me.

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    Most dry bags only open at the end, a hassle to pack and unpack, or find that one small item you want. I use a Boundary Waters II Dry Duffel from Cabela's. Well made, completely waterproof, should last forever. They make three sizes. I bought the Regular size, and strap it to the top of one of the RT's side cases...I ride two up. Otherwise, I would simply strap it across the pillion or the luggage rack. Has lots of attachment points. I just use cheap side-lock straps available at any outdoor store. I much prefer this duffel to the other bags I've seen, not only for ease of packing and finding, but it expands and contracts as you add or subtract gear from it. The blue is VERY BRIGHT.

    Here's the link:

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