Although its going into winter in the Great Lakes, one can still shine the trusty mount for Spring and for those riding year round can put an untimate shine that will last long on a monthly basis. Last year I ordered Zaino, a show-room car polish off the internet. I ordered the polish for clear coat vehicles and GRAND FINALE, a spray for in between polishings. I can honestly say that it is super easy to use and puts a shine on your bike that you can shave with. This is the best stuff ever. Before polishing, use DAWN and water to wash your bike, dry the bike, and then polish. This gets the old wax off. I use a leaf or lawn blower to dry off the bike. This polish will even get rid of alot of those swirl marks from hard polishing with a dirty polishing cloth. is the website and the products I use are Z2 and Z8.

Great Stuff.!!!!!!!!
Great for Christmas Too!