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Thread: Zumo 450 GPS

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    Zumo 450 GPS

    I'm considering purchasing a Garmin 450 Zumo GPS,anybody have any experience with this unit.Thanks Ed

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    I'm moving this thread to the GEAR forum since it will find a larger audience there, and it isn't Hexhead specific.
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    I ordered one yesterday. If you do a search of this forum you'll find lots of good info. Key decision is whether or not you want the bells and whistles that the 550 offers or not (Bluetooth, XM and voice enhancements). I'm anxious to see how the Garmin provided mount works on my R12RT. These folks have the 450 for $319.00
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    Thanks for the link Kevin. It seems it's $339 now though. Still a good deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2yoder1 View Post
    I'm considering purchasing a Garmin 450 Zumo GPS,anybody have any experience with this unit.Thanks Ed
    I have a 450 on my '04 RT. Mounted on the clutch M/C.
    I really love this gizmo!
    Easy to operate with gloves and is meant for the left hand to push buttons with the thumb.
    You can put an SD card in it and carry more music than you need.
    I didn't feel I needed the extras in the 550.

    Plus, the tech support/customer service from Garmin is outstanding.
    I bought my unit in September and it had the old map version in it. I spoke with the tech support guy and he sent me the '09 map update for free.
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    I purchased a Zumo 450 after having great luck with a 550. My son now has the 550 which has been trouble free.

    The 450 suffers consistently from the BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH. It died 3 days ago on a trip and will not reboot. This is the 5th time in its six month history to have this happen, although previously it would restart after removing the battery. Looks like it gets a trip to Kansas for warranty work. Overall I am very dissapointed with the 450.

    VERY PLEASED with the 550 which is almost two years old.

    When it works it is great - until it craters - usually at an inopportune moment.

    Hopefully you will have trouble free service if you elect to go with one.

    Checkthe for the latest info.

    Happy trails

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    No more Zumo 440?
    I was just browsing the U.S. Garmin site and noticed they no longer have the Zumo 450 on their website. Only the 550 shows up on the Motorcycle section. Maybe there will be better deals on the 450 out there.....
    g r a n t

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