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Thread: I rode yesterday....

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    I had always wanted to go into the AF and nearly did when in college, AFROTC. Took the physical and the asvab, filled out the paper work. But it was right at the start of the first RIFs and base closures in the late 80's. I decided at the last minute not to go. In hindsight, I don't regret my decision (not because of the confrontations we've been in at all) as I since married and have a wonderful son to show for it.
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    I went in in '75 and it was a foregone conclusion for me. I was an Army brat and had only known the military life. Knew I didn't want the Army, didn't even look at the Air Force, and would probably still be in boot camp trying to iron my creases if I went in the Marines, so Navy it was. First tour was spent jumping from ship to ship in the Pac and Indian oceans, and despite being a sea service I decided there had to be a better way so I went flying. First tour I was gone so much (don't think I was home more than 6 months in the first 4 years) that the first wife quit. Ended up with an active duty Navy girl who retired the same day I did. Thanksgiving was 26 years with her and it was the best move I ever made. Funny thing was I was gone more flying than if I would have stayed at sea. Spent almost a year gone during the run up, war, and aftermath of Desert Storm, but at least wife two was part of the program and understood. Have to say that my original plan was not to stay in but it just sort of grew on me. Very happy I did, wouldn't have changed a thing.

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    Plan to ride all year.

    After a week of rain, Sunday December 21 (shortest day of the year) showed sunny skies and 35 degrees.
    Put on First Gear Jacket and Pants warm gloves and took off for a few hours of backroads. There are plenty of small backroads in TN, at one point I wasn't sure if I was on someones private lane or just a regular road. Turned out to be a regular road but really was just one lane wide. Had to be carefull on the corners as two vehicles would have a hard time getting around each other. Eventually that one lane road dumped me out on a two lane blacktop, nuttin but corners, hills and grins. 35 degrees in TN is near death for these folks, got alot of funny looks wondering why someone would be out riding in such weather. Guess they never been on a beamer!

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