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Thread: So You Served!!

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    Feb 2007
    Bethel, Maine
    USAF Nov. 1965 - Jun. 1971

    B-52 Pilot Kincheloe AFB, MI
    Plattsburgh AFB, NY

    Forward Air Controller and Air Liaison Officer to Army Brigade
    Korea (Blue Lancer Valley)
    Vietnam (Quang Tri)

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    US Army, '69-'71. Never went overseas. Trained in Special Electronics Repair, in the Army's way of doing things, never worked a minute in it. Was sent to Ft. Leonard Wood, figured just until shipping to Viet Nam. Inprocessing Sargent asked if I could type, had me type a few sentences, and said, "Your job here is to repair pop-up targets on the rifle range in mud up to your a$$. That guy over there is my typist, he's ETS-ing in 2 weeks, so you can fix targets or be him. "Where's my desk?", I said, figuring it was only temporary. Never went anywhere else... Joined a great off-road riding club, it was wide-open territory in Missouri then, not a fence in sight...

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    Wine is for warriors.. Beer is for barbarians.. Hay is for horses,,and water is for women...So fill your glass and drink, its the nectar of the Gods!!

    USMC.... Jan. 1968 to Jan. 1988.........


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    Jul 2008
    Accokeek, md
    Twenty years Air Force for me, 1972-1992
    Security Specialist, Recruiter, Recreation Specialist.
    Now back in Security as government contractor.

    Twenty years for my wife
    Air Force Nurse, Nurse Midwife, Medical Readiness Officer

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    SURVIVOR akbeemer's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    Big Sky Country
    Served in the 1st, 7th and 8th Infantry Divisions as well as the 1st Armored Division; also as a Combat Trainer at the National Training Center. My service took me to just about every European country, 49 states, Canada, S. Korea, Iraq Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Brief visits to North Africa and a few other places. There is no place like the United States of America. Airborne-Ranger!

    Kevin Huddy
    The Outpost, Silver City, Montana

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    Just retired!

    I joined the Air Force in Sep '79 and stayed in until Jun '94 when I crossed over to the full-time Alaska Air National Guard. I just retired from there this past Aug. I worked avionics the entire 29 years and have been all over the place. During that time I've manage to repair and launch KC-135 aircraft from -72 degrees all the way up to +135 degrees. Not very fun at either end but a lot of fun in the middle. It still feels like I'm on leave, I haven't quite figured out yet that I don't have a job! Oh well, I'll enjoy it while I can.

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    U.S. Army
    9 ID
    268 AHB
    1/9 Cav

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    Ambassador Pat Carol's Avatar
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    Oct 2003
    Whitmore Lake, Michigan
    U.S. Army 1982-1986 E-5
    13-B, 13-E, Field Artillery 8 in. SP Howitzer, Ft. Sill
    101st Airborne Air Assault, Ft. Campbell

    Air National Guard / U.S. Air Force 1986-2006- Firefighter E-6
    Operation Just Cause-Panama
    Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm
    Operation Enduring Freedom
    Operation Iraqi Freedom

    Forced into retirement due to line of duty injuries. I miss being with my brother's.

    Pat Carol, USAF Retired
    BMW Touring Club Detroit, Ambassador
    BMWMOAF, Past Director
    Selected Friends of Wile E Coyote
    2017 National Rally Co-Chair, Salt Lake City, Utah

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    US Navy 1962-66. CT

    Almost made it a career, and many times regretted not doing so. Two brothers air force, and a third was a Navy lifer and his son followed his footsteps and now retired.

    Thanks to all who have served and especially to those who now serve.

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    US Navy Diver 1971-1975
    USNR Harbor Clearance Unit One 1975-1977

    USS America CVA 66 (Vietnam 1973)
    USS Fulton AS 11 (Sub tender)

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    Registered User LSkrabut's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    Spanish Fork, Utah
    USAF Summer '72 thru Fall '79

    Civilian working BMEW at Thule Fall '79 thru Summer '83

    Now an ISO for the VA
    Larry S
    Utah driven
    2010 K1300GT
    2003 K1200RS (sold), 1988 K100LT (sold)

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    R1200RT Artiee's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    Northern Virginia
    USAF Security Forces, retired in 2003.

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    USN 1965-1969
    Specialty Aviation Ordnance
    Served in an aircraft squadron, and deployed on several carriers.
    Squadron base NORVA and Oceana
    Member Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club
    Separated 11/69 as an AO5

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    USN 1964-1970
    Electronic Technician specializing in Radar and Navigation equipment

    Went to ET school on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay (no longer a naval base). Served aboard the USS Klondike - a repair ship - primarily in the Western Pacific (Japan, Taiwan, Philipines, etc.)

    The Klondike was a WWII ship that had been decommisioned then recommisioned for the Viet Nam war. I loved being at sea and loved seeing all the different places and enjoyed most of the work I did. When I got out I was about 6 months away from making Chief and was offered a sizable re-enlistment bonus. I thought seriously about staying in. If I had, I would have been able to retire about 20 years ago, had another career, and been able to collect a Navy pension. But I would have missed the adventures of being a police officer, a police academy instructor, a paramedic, and a college professor. I would almost certainly have a different wife - or no wife at all.

    One always wonders about the road not taken, but the ones I've traveled have been great.

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    Apr 2008
    Conyers, GA
    USAF Sep 1965-Jan 1971
    Pilot C130
    Craig AFB AL 65-66
    Sewart AFB TN 66-69
    CCKAB Tiawan 69-70

    95% of flying out of CCK was in Viet Nam.

    1996 R1100RT
    1943 PT-17

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