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Thread: So You Served!!

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    12 years, US Coast Guard; final 10 as an Aviation Machinists mate, ended up as a First Class. Did a tour on the CGC Polar Star out of Seattle, then AD "A" School in E-City, NC, then AirSta Houston, Tracen Mobile, and finally AirSta New Orleans. Did a short stint in the CG Auxiliary later on.

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    Colorado Springs, CO

    Usaf 1971 - 1992

    Spent a few days in the AF. I'd start it over again if I had the chance...

    21yrs + in Communications (Phone Geek) SMSgt
    1992 - 1990 Lowry AFB, CO
    1990 - 1989 Zweibrucken AB, Germany
    1989 - 1987 Verona Italy
    1987 - 1984 George AFB, CA
    1984 - 1982 Boerfink Germany
    1982 - 1979 FE Warren AFB, WY
    1979 - 1978 Teagu AB Korea
    1978 - 1975 Offutt AFB NE
    1975 - 1973 Clark AB Philippines
    1973 - 1972 Offutt AFB, NE
    1972 - 1971 Sheppard AFB, TX
    1971 Lackland AFB, TX


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    Peace Officer, Law Man, Garbage Collector

    I was a police officer in Arkansas for 3 years starting in 1988 and made Sergeant. I did this on 2nd and 3rd shift to pay my way through college. I had so much fun doing this that when I graduated college and quit to start a career in banking, I transferred to the Sheriff's Office Reserves and have been doing that ever since.

    I'm currently a Colonel commanding the Reserve Unit for our county and I also serve on the Sheriff's Department's SRT (Special Response Team, basically the same as a SWAT team). We serve all the high risk warrants, drug raids, barricaded subjects, etc.

    I have had an absolute blast doing this and plan on continuing for many more years.

    My favorite story is about a friend of mine who is an Arkansas State Trooper. He always went home at lunch and would take his pistol out of holster so could take a big dump.

    One day he did that and then got back out on the Interstate. It was a hot day and he saw a hitchhiker walking down the road. He stopped and checked the hitchhiker and everything was fine. Even though it's illegal to hitchhike on the Interstate, he offered the man a ride to the end of his patrol area.

    The hitchhiker accepted, so he through the man's backpack in the back seat of the car and let him ride up front.

    As they were driving he noticed he didn't have his pistol. He was thinking, "Oh s#*@, he got my pistol and I didn't notice. He's going to shoot me when I stop."

    My friend reached down and pulled out a slapper, which to the un-informed is a piece of lead sewn up in leather with a short handle on it.

    While going down the Interstate, he slams on his brakes, leans over, and starts whipping hell out of this guy he thinks stole his gun. The poor hitchhiker jumps out of the car and starts running across a soybean field that is about 2 miles across.

    About this time my friend remembers his pistol is lying on the counter in his kitchen. He starts yelling for the hitchhiker to stop, that he's made a mistake and of course the man just runs faster.

    He said the last thing he saw of that hitchhiker was ******* and elbows heading east at a record setting pace. He left the backpack on the shoulder hoping the man would return for it.

    Just thinking, don't you know that poor fellow told all his friends, "Don't hitchhike in Arkansas. They take that stuff serious there!"

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    Auburn, CA, Reno & Cold Springs Valley, NV
    I was drafted on March 25, 1969. This was before they started the draft lottery system.

    I was an army grunt (mos 11B) in the Central Highland Jungles, mainly between An Khe and Pleiku. I was also in the Cambodia incursion during April/May of 1970.

    Army, B-3-8, 4Th Infantry Division in Vietnam from September 3, 1969 to the same date in 1970.

    Ho CHi Minh died the very day I got to Vietnam. I wonder who told him Big Bad Don arrived!

    I had basic training and AIT at Ft. Lewis, WA. My last few months in the army was spent at Ft. Carson, CO. I got out of the army on March 25, 1971.

    Anyway, I saved some money because there was no way to spend it in the jungles, so when I got out of the army, one of the first things I did was to buy my brand new 1971 BMW R75/5 for $1845.00 (1971 money). I still own it.

    -Don- Reno, NV

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    On this day of remembrance, i'd just like to say Thank You to all who have served.

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    Gilbert, AZ, USA
    US Navy
    1968 - 1972
    USS Tautog SSN639
    Fast-Attack, Nuclear-Powered, Hunter-Killer Submarine
    Sonar Tech (Submarines) - E5

    I am here:,-111.815824
    John Sachs
    Pacific Blue 2002 R1150RS
    Citrus Green 2004 R1150R Rockster
    BMWMOA 45617 AMA 576082

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newstar View Post
    On this day of remembrance, i'd just like to say Thank You to all who have served.
    ... and still do.

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    US Army

    Did 4 years ROTC, I year in Vietnam as a Forward Observer in the Central Highlands, then back to the States to teach marksmanship. Went back to the Army Reserve System, and finished up in 1996 with 29 years, 9 months and 23 days.

    Tom in Cincinnati
    LTC, Artillery, Retired

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    Oct 2003
    Pensacola, FL

    Talking Usmc '70-'90

    Helicopter Pilot: CH-53 D/E primary; others: VH3D, U/V H1N.

    Trained in T-34 (Saufley) and T-28 (Whiting Field).

    Flight Instructor TH-57 Whiting Field 1975-79
    HMX-1 1980-85
    SAR pilot USS Iwo Jima 1985-87

    Now: EC-135 pilot @ Pensacola Lifeflight
    Words to Ride by: Patience, Anticipate, Paranoia
    Shep Brown MOA 27510
    "Igor" 82 RS "Inga" 04RT
    Pensacola, Flairider

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    Chestnut Hill, MA

    Usnr 8/1967-12/1969/ FBI - 1979-2001

    OCS in Pensacola, Student Naval Aviator for a few months (NG at flying), NAS Whiting Field 4/1968-12/1969. Left as LTJG.

    FBI - SA and SSA - Boston - Mostly Organized Crime stuff, and SWAT too.
    John Gamel
    2015 Ebony Metallic R1200RT
    BMW CCA 2006 - Present; BMW MOA 2009-Present
    Walt Kelly: "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

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    Adirondaks and LI,NY
    US Navy 1975-1981
    USS Brewton (FF1086) Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
    USS LUCE (DDG-38) Mayport, Fla STANAVFORLANT NATO Forces Atlantic
    Karlsrue (F-220) German Frigate STANAVFORLANT NATO Forces Atlantic

    Gun Fire Control and Weapons guy. Loved blowing **** up!

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    Usaf 1985-2009

    461/2W0 Munitions Systems Specialist (AMMO!!)

    1986 Lowry AFB, CO (Tech School)
    1986-1988 George AFB, CA
    1988-1989 Kwang-Ju AB, ROK
    1989-1993 MacDill AFB, FL
    1993-2000 Seymour Johnson AFB
    2000-2002 Incirlik AB, Turkey
    2002-2005 Elmendorf AFB, AK
    2005-2007 Pope AFB, NC
    2007-2009 Moody AFB, GA

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    Buena Park, California
    US ARMY 1972 - 1975 mos was 81B (construction draftsman).. later, when I finished in the Army, I became a civil engineer. I was drafted (lottery number was 10), so I enlisted for an extra year to get my mos and 1st duty station (California). Then, spent 2 years in Germany (97th signal battalion, Coleman Barracks, Manheim, Germany). I really enjoyed my time in the military.. really terrific people who taught me a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mthelmet View Post
    Usmcr 1956 To 1964
    May 13,2012 Update.

    i now help our local Fire Co. as a Fire Police Officer,( Captain).

    Going on my eight year. I now get to Play in traffic.
    MT helmet

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    SE Wisconsin

    Military Duty

    Seems there are many new folks on the forum and I'm guessing many are vets. Let's hear your story.............
    Kevin Huddy
    Canyon Creek, MT

    OK goes...

    U.S. Army 1963-1966
    Served 3 years, 30 months of it righteous duty in Heidelberg Germany.
    I was a crew chief for a U8-D twin engine Beech Queen Air with the 3725 VIP Aviation Detachment. We called the outfit " TWA" (Teeny Weeny Airlines) because we spent our time flying senior officers and VIP's around Europe. Enjoyed my time with Uncle Sam but had to turn down his kindly offer to re-enlist when my time was up (sometimes I wish I had made a career of it).
    No matter where you go, there you are.

    2007 BMW R1200RT

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