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Thread: So You Served!!

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    Thumbs up Service

    USAF, 24 years:
    - Started as a Ground Radio Repairman working Titan II missile comms
    - Cross-trained into electronic intel circa 1984
    - Retired from active duty in 2005
    Now working as a civilian for Department of the Army

    By the way, if you are following this thread, you may be interested in joining the Veteran BMW Riders, BMW MOA Chartered Club #329. We have a Yahoo! group at

    No dues, fees, or membership cards--just a place to discuss veteran's issues and share war stories.

    Mike Sweger
    Charlottesville, Virginia | 2004 K1200GT & 2015 KTM 1290 Super Adventure
    "In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth.” ~ Buddah

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    Southern Delaware
    US Army 66-68 3rd Inf Div Artillery. Artillery Radar Operator. Drafted and I was sure I was headed to Viet Nam but was fortunate enough to spend almost two years in Kitzengen Germany.

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    1995-1998 U.S Army. 3rd Infantry Division (Mech) Dco 3/69 AR. Fort Stewart GA. I was a tanker. Loved it.

    1975-till I left home....Dad was in the Air Force. Military Brat. Moved a lot. Great experiences.

    Now...Corrections Officer Atlantic County Department of Public Safety.

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    Hey all; U.S. Navy,'72-'76. U.S.S. Saratoga, NAS Jacksonville, NAS Oceana. ABH3. Enjoyed it for the most part, but was given a choice by the (soon departed) ex-wife. "Get out of the (expletive deleted) Navy, or I'm history!!" Got out, and, sure enough, she was history!! That's what I get for being a thoughtful, loving hubby!! Oh well... Vaya con Dios, Dutch

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    It's SERVE not Served

    For most of us, I feel, the service to OUR country never ends. Even that flag that covers us, is folded, and given to a family member for their use and our honor before the "Rifle Salute" continues to honor our service.

    Actual military time: June 1964 through Aug 1973
    United States Army Security Agency, Comint capture, Elint,
    United States Army Signal
    Retired Medical Disability from Vietnam

    Service to OUR country continues through today.

    We, as videographers, provide this for our current fallen warriors at many memorial services:

    In addition we do a lot of commercial work for Department of Defense contractors:

    Longest lasting service for our country is the legacy left behind of being in that classroom every day, until retirement, teaching the values that made OUR country what it is. Standing for the pledge each day and innumerable comments of HOW to be an American was most often the only positive many young people recieved about service to THEIR country. "OK, you have the right to not say the pledge; but I have the right to have you stand in the hall while the rest of us honor those millions of Americans that died to give you the right to stand out there and promote those individual rights". How many times was I sued? NEVER.......How many times did I have a parent complain? NEVER.....How many times did I have a sit down with an administrator? NEVER.............

    Anyway.........on and on...........GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY..........Dennis

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    1970 Tonkin Gulf

    USS Shangri-La CVA-38

    sailors are smarter and better looking

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    San Antonio, Tx
    US Army - 23 years. Started as a Combat medic in 1971, went to the Army PA Program in 1975-1977, and the rest is history. Retired in San Antonio in 1994. Hated it as I was being drafted (after college), but it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Met my wife (Army Nurse, retired) in PA school, got a profession and a pension, and became a man.

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    USCG 1978-1986 six years as a search and rescue coxswain.
    one of the first 12 MSF instructors offically trained for the military
    (told them it was like having the cat pet sit the goldfish)

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    Drafted by the U.S. Army Feb.11, 1968, combat infantry Vietnam July 20, 68 to July 19, 69. 6 Months in Germany staring at the east German border, released from service on Feb. 9, 1970. 40 years ago and it seems like yesterday.

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    So You Served!!

    USN ΤΗτ TM3(SS) USS Corporal SS346 1966-69

    USNR ΤΗτ AMS2 VP-93 NAS Detroit 1978-80

    Dept of the Army Civilian (Retired) -Tank Automotive RDE Center, Warren MI 1975-2006

    I can't decide who to root for at the Army-Navy game.

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    1965-1992. E-1 to CWO3. Flew with VQ2 from 1972 to 1977. Also rode 25 surface ships, and 2 submarines (TAD and PCS). Now am a CW4 in State Guard unit.

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    Marlton, South Jersey

    All Army

    Active duty Sep 81 to Sep 85, Fort Bragg. Went some other places.
    Army Reserve July 87 to present. Activated a couple of times, deployed once.
    Mandatory retirement in May 09.
    Current Army civilian employee, career logistician.
    Bob Smith
    1998 R1200C
    2005 Rocket III

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    Blairsville, GA
    USN Jan 69 to Feb 79, Air Traffic Control in the Nav we were AC's. USS FDR CVA42 69-71,NAS Cecil Field 71-76,NAS Cubi Pt. Philippines 77-79.
    Vespa ET4

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    Denver, USA
    US Navy (Active) from 24 May 1990 through 23 May 1996.

    Electronics Technician and Reactor Operator (effin' nuke), USS Pasadena (SSN752).

    Our old CMC used to say...
    There ain't no slack in a Fast Attack
    There ain't no pride in a Boomer Ride

    USNR December 1996 through May 2001.
    I now work for a defense contractor in Colorado.

    That said, I am grateful to all who have served and who continue to serve.
    Thank you!
    In wine there is wisdom. In beer there is strength. In water there is bacteria. ~David Auerbach

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    Still serving in the Army. Enlisted in 1987 as a Korean linguist (E1 to CW3) and plan on a dozen more (until my daughters are out of college or married, whichever comes first). Deployed to Iraq (heading out again next month) twice, Africa, Panama, Korea. No regrets.

    Thanks to those who continue to enlist in our military in a time of war. Not too sure if I would've had to guts to do that now.

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