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Thread: So You Served!!

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    Thumbs up So You Served!!

    Thought it would be entertaining to find-out how many forum denizens have prior service experience and how much. I'm guessing there are a bunch of folks with military service. How about telling us your branch of service and the number of years you served. Active, reserve or National Guard; Army Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard... report it all. How about you peace officers and fire fighters reporting your service as well. Colorful anecdotes are optional and encouraged. If you are normally a lurker and don't join in the discussions, then please make an exception and tell us about your service.

    I'll start it off:
    27 years
    Infantry, Ranger, Airborne
    LTC Retired
    Assignments: 8th In Div, 7th In Div, 1st AR Div, 1st In Div, National Training Ctr.
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    Kevin Huddy
    Tm Pterodactyl MT Outpost

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    United States Air Force - April 7, 1966 through December 20, 1972

    Air Traffic Control and Warning (Radar) Operator
    Airborne Weapons Control Technician
    Electronic Warfare Countermeasures Technician

    NORAD and Alaskan Air Command
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    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
    "The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution." - Bertrand Russell

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    Nashville, TN

    US Army

    June 30, 1970 to Jan 15, 1972
    One tour of duty in Vietnam at Can Tho Army Airfield.
    Trained as an Aircraft mechanic for the CH-47 Chinook helicopter.
    Became the Aircraft Electrician for the Company thru OJT while in the army.
    Disliked it then, wouldn't trade the experience for the world now.
    Grew up in Ohio, did basic training at Ft Campbell, KY.
    Now live in Nashville, TN, 20 miles away.
    Have been here 30+ years.
    Must of liked the heat doing Basic Training in July-August....
    Tom Baker
    2009 BMW R1200RT
    1970 Triumph Bonneville

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    From MARS
    Marine Corps....'69-'78 Worked on avionics systems on A-4 and Harrier jets for 6 years. Trained in ECM and Com/Nav. Then, they made me a recruiter.


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    USAF, 1979-1983, Medical Laboratory Technologist, Wichita Falls and San Antonio Texas and Albuquerque New Mexico.

    Sometimes I wish I had made a career of it.
    Steve Marquardt

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    SE Wisconsin


    US Air Force, 1979-1983 stationed at Aviano AB Italy & Luke AFB in AZ.
    Worked on air-air & air-ground missiles.
    82 R65LS - gone but not forgotten
    02 R1150RT
    "Oh good, my dog found the chainsaw"
    "I finally got my head together, now my body is falling apart."

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    Quote Originally Posted by kewlmoose View Post
    US Air Force, 1979-1983 stationed at Aviano AB Italy & Luke AFB in AZ.
    Worked on air-air & air-ground missiles.
    You and I were at Luke at the same time. I STILL live out by Luke

    US Air Force March 1978-1982

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    Rally Rat
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    Tampa, FL
    USAF OSI Agent: 1977-1999. Deployed as a tactical counterintelligence agent to the Kurdish Mtns during/after the 1st Gulf War.

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    Ballston Spa, NY; South of the Adirondacks, North of the Catskills and West of The Berkshires and Green Mountains
    20 years US Navy active and reserve time. Radioman

    Highlight First Persian Excursion under George I- Saudi Arabia, UAE, Baharain as a SEABEE with a Marine Expeditionary Force.

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    In order USNR, USNR-R(TAR), USN, 1959>1987. Still work on Flight and Weapons System Simulators at NS Mayport, FL.
    Ret CPO Ride Safe

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    Thumbs up Service

    Army - 1968 - 1970

    Military Police
    Denver PD - 2yrs
    DOD Police - 2yrs
    Border Patrol - 5yrs
    DOJ - 15yrs
    DHS - 3yrs

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    So you served

    Two years Navy ROTC full scholaraship at Brown University 1967-69. Active duty in summer based in Newport News. Wanted to be a pilot, couldn't pass the eye exam, and in the first draft lottery in 1969 got a high number assigned by birthdate and decided to opt out of the program. A decision regretted many times over; but it does no good to worry now. Maybe for the best anyway, as I found it difficult to follow orders I disagreed with, and the military depends on near blind obedience.

    "every man is the architecht of his own character."

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    Service w/ a Smile...

    USN 77-81 BT3
    USS Chicago CG-11
    USS Bradley FF-1041
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    SE Michigan
    Served in the USAF almost same time period as Paul: Aug 68-Aug 72. Came between my first and second year of law school. Served at SAC HQ in Omaha, NE as a systems analyst in the underground command post. Very neat duty! Great skills learned. No one ever shot at me, unless you include the MSgt who always shot off his mouth.

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    Braintree, MA
    Moi? USN 68-74, ETR, ECM.
    Salty Fog Rally 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014 And DRAT! Missed the last one in 2015!

    -Tom (KA1TOX)

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