Saturdaynight out shopping for a new winter coat I come across on the rack 4 brand new Schott "Andes 9612" riding jackets. All Black in color with shoulder and elbow armor and a zip in liner. Jackets are 3/4 style, brand new similar looking to the first Gear Kili I and II.
According to the info at, I found this "jacket model/style" to have been released several years ago and was never made available again. They're asking under $80.00 each, which for a jacket of that caliber is dirt cheap compared to the new jackets now offered with the same options.
I'm almost positive the jackets could sit there on the rack for a month and they'd still be there. I'm in need of a new riding jacket but wanted to wait for the "Cycle Show to buy something that's gonna be of the same style but water proof.
Can anybody with actual or past use offer any info about this jacket?
Thanks much.