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Thread: Helmet Smell

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    every now and then i pop one those things you put in a drier that makes clothes smell nice and fresh. leave it over night and it helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_F View Post
    I use a Sliks liner.

    No helmet funk and they help with helmet fatigue on long rides, as well.

    I think carries them and they are not expensive . . . 15 - 20 bucks?

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    spray with "Fabreze".......... works very well for me

    I don't recommend it but I have washed mine in a bucket of soapy water and then rinsed with a hose. I let it dry out side for a couple of days.
    it was either this or throw it away....... worked very well.
    My brother puts his in the dish washer. He said it did not hurt it. I have done this to ball caps with success but I don't know about plastic helmets.

    The Fabreze is a sure thing if it hasn't gone to far.........

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    I have read various suggestions elsewhere from taking your helmet in the shower with you and using shampoo to putting it in the dishwasher or filling the sink and using dish soap or using woolite and a garden hose. I guess there are some really funky helmets out there.
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    Shampoo works pretty well- the idea being that if it can get the stuff off your hair, then it can get the same stuff out of the fabric in the helmet. I noticed that the original poster lives in Arizona, so drying shouldn't be major issue.

    That said, I *really* like removable, washable padding.
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    I soak a hand towel with alcohol and scrub the helmet out with it about every couple of weeks or sooner. Stays nice and fresh.
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    I strip the intercom wiring out of my helmets, pull the removeable parts and wash everything thoroughly in sunlight liquid dish soap and warm water. Then rinse everything with lots of fresh water and pat dry as possible with bath towels. A small fan applied to all the parts overnight and the helmet can be reassembled. I do that twice a year on every helmet I've ever owned. Makes the foam last much longer and feels like you bought a new helmet every time
    PS - don't forget to scrub the chinstrap too!
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    (1) Helmet line is great

    (2) Wash or replace the pads. Your "fit" will be better, too. Usually.

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    when I need to air my helmet out. I just do that. place on the patio in sun for a few hours seems to work for me
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    Try putting a handywipe type cloth/paper on top of your head or in your helmet when you put it on. It'll smell better and do a little cleaning while you ride.


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    For me, I found the cure the same for both my boots and my helmets. Have 2 sets and alternate them. It gives them a chance to dry out between uses. After long trips, I'll put the helmet I used on the trip on the shelf for a bit and use my alternate.

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    Be careful of what you put in or spray on your helmet. Make sure it won't degrade the interior materials like the foam, both hard and soft, or the helmet will not be as effective as i should be.
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    1. Use an absorbent towel and blot inside after each ride.
    2. Leave shield open if you set it on a flat surface to allow air flow.
    3. Use a foam helmet cleaner before you ride if it needs it.
    4. Remove and wash liner every week or so if needed to get it really clean.
    5. Never use any petro chemicals. Styrofoam doesn't like it.
    6. Warm air promotes bacteria growth. Put it in freezer if possible or a cold garage in winter to retard or kill bacteria growth.
    7. Carry a terry cloth towel to dry your head at stops if you don't already. Less sweat means less work later.

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    Make up a baking soda solution, with about a cup of soda in a gallon of water. Pour into upside down helmet and let soak about 30 minutes. Then pour in about a cup of vinegar. Let sit until the foaming stops. Then rinse and dry out.

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    A Shoui helmet I owned years ago came with a recommendation to wash out the inside with what ever shampoo you normally use. Shampoo isn't too harsh. It definately helps to remove/reduce the funk.

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