Greeting, BMW riders. Today I come to you for your feedback or opinion. I am currently riding with Shoei X-11 helmet for 1 1/2 years. The visor needs to get replaced, due to scratches, but I am thinking about spending money on a pin-lock visor with the new incert (about $80 for the set-up). I have also read some good reviews on the new Scorpion 700 helmet for $210 brand new that is suppose to have a "no-fog" visor.
I am a rounder and I need to do something about the shield fogging up. Do the pin-lock visors work? Do they scatch the original shield? Are the "no-fog" shields hold true? As always, money plays a part, but I also want something that works, and if the pin-lock does not work, then I could save me $80 and put it toward a new helmet (if te no-fog stuff works).
Your opinions, feedback and thoughts or for that matter your jokes are greatly appreciated.