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Thread: Road Report I-90 West of Spokane

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    Road Report I-90 West of Spokane

    In case anyone is interested - I caged from Spokane to/from Seattle late last week. There are significant stretches of construction between Spokane and Ellensburg. Some is mostly aggravation, e.g. one lane for several miles eastbound about 20 mi. east of Ellensburg. But there are also several stretches of 'pavement grinding' with grooves, etc. about 15 to 30 miles west of Spokane.

    If this is duplication of an earlier post, pardon please. I'll be driving US 395 to the Tri-Cirties tomorrow and will post anything of note.

    See you all at the rally!

    Marty in Spokane

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    Hi all,

    An update - Just back from my today's round trip (via Greyhound and cage) to Tri-Cities, Walla Walla, and back to Spokane. Here's the latest:

    Construction westbound on I-90 around Sprague, WA (about mp 247) - resurfacing and grooves in places.

    US 395 between Ritzville and Tri-Cities - smooth sailin'. Between Pasco, WA and Spokane via US 12, WA 127, WA 26, and US 195 - clear of construction. Some small towns, and some local/farm traffic on the 'two-lane'. Moderate twisties and hills through varied rolling wheat farm land most of the way. If you are coming from OR or CA via I-5, and take I-84 from Portland west along the Columbia river, then up to Tri-Cities, I'd vote for the 'back way' just described. Just my $0.02 worth.

    Ride safe - see you in Spokane.


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    Thanks for the heads up!

    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

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    Seattle to Spokane

    Here's a link that gives extensive information on road work being done this summer. Not just I-90, but many other roads:

    Click on the map in the leftmost column. Area by area information.

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