Found someone in Spokane, Washington who can and will make alterations.

I wanted to keep riding deeper into winter, so I bought a one-piece snowmobile suit with 220 grams of Thinsulate because I suspected cold air was getting in under and between my Aerostich jacket and pants. It was a bit cold even using Gerbings.

The suit legs were four inches too long. In Virginia, I could not find anyone willing to take on the alteration. My wife, who sews, said it would be tough because of the zippers and thickness of material.

So, I found Penny on Google. For a very reasonable price, ( $115 with shipping), she did a great job. I can't tell any difference in quality from the original, and she even made a little port so I could get my Gerbing cable out.

But she's had other jobs with motorcyclist also. I'm quoting her:

"You might find the following interesting. Last year I did a job for the UK pro dirt bike team that was going to ride the Dakar Rally. I modified a set of team jackets by adding cargo pockets for survival gear, and internal camelback packs that are attached to the inside of the coat. It was general craziness as I got the order at Thanksgiving last year, and they needed them on the truck in Britain on Jan 3 or so. (International Overnight with FedEx!!) As you probably know the race was cancelled about 12 hours before the start. I did get an email the other day from the team manager that said the guys are still beating the crap out of coats, and plan to race in them in the South America Dakar this upcoming January.

If you go through the photo galleries, and look carefully, you can see my work; ‘«£Jon Stamper‘«ō number 2; Stan Watt 3, Desert 3-4; and a few other coats. A few moments of excite amid the day to day routing around here.


Penny S
Specialty Outdoors
Technical Sewing Specialist


End quote.

I'm just a commuter trying to avoid massive parking fees here in the Wash DC area. I have no connection to Penny other than what she altered.

She does good work, at least on my pant legs. Of course, she'd have to see the article in question, and it really helps her if you are really specific, in detail, as to what you need done. Hopefully she'll be able to help you.

Happy riding - stay warm.