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Thread: Over the hump day

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    Over the hump day

    Now that Monday has passed, let's talk about something positive...

    I know things are going badly for some, and are at least worrisome for others.
    The issue isn't who to blame, what's wrong, or even what could go wrong.
    What really matters is how we deal with it.
    Where does our character come from? How will we each handle hardship?
    What is going to get each of us over the hump?

    Tell us what you did to get through a tough time.

    When I was a kid, Dad had us cutting and splitting logs every summer for heat the following winter. I hated it. I thought he was just plain cheap, and I was slave labor. Years later, I saw the house he grew up in. It was made of logs.
    There was a pump for water in the kitchen, and a privvy outside. Grandma raised two boys there after my Grandfather died of Tuberculosis. Dad was six.
    In less than an hour's time, I realized how fortunate I was to have a father.

    What keeps you going when things aren't going your way?

    It was cold in Afghanistan, and my feet were always wet. There's nothing like wringing out your smelly wool socks and turning them inside out to pick out all the dead skin, just so you can put them back on again, to make you feel sorry for yourself. Then I thought of my Grandfather (on Mom's side) swimming away from his sinking ship, wondering if he would ever get out of the water again. He lost a couple layers of most of his hide. Suddenly, I felt pretty dry from the ankles up.

    Who helped you?

    I'll spare everyone the war stories, but everyone who has been scared half to death probably had a buddy like "Bogie", who managed to say at just the right time, "Hey, at least we're not still in Wisconsin". Laughter overcomes fear, and you just can't make yourself laugh.

    Help somebody out sometime, and you will find yourself "Over the hump".

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    My family gets me over the hump. From daily to weekly to lifelong "humps", my family, my wife and son get me through.

    Pets, horses, dogs and cats are my task in life, but also helps me find Zen, find rhythm in my daily existence.

    No doubt, these are my ways to continue each day with a smile on my face.

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    Raise yourself up above it all...knowing that you have the hootspa to get through the situations and people that want to drag you down. Love honestly and cherish thoes that are close.

    Know that you can get past anything you're handed...because you are only dealt a hand that you can win. It's all in how you play the game.

    There is always someone worse just have to look a little closer to see how fortunate things really are for you.

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    The Gathering Place forum has a philosophy that helps get me through tough times. Here is today's reminder:

    In these modern times we put too much emphasis on material things and
    on money. We believe that money is power. If we have money, people
    will respect us. If we have money, people will admire us. If we have
    money, we can have anything we want. Maybe we can purchase anything in
    the material world, but we cannot purchase anything in the Unseen
    World. The Unseen World is not for sale. It can only be given away.
    Love, affection, admiration, trust, respect, commitment -- these must
    be earned or given away. If we use these things from the Unseen World,
    we are using real power.

    My Creator, let me demonstrate Your power today. Let me be loving to
    all I meet.
    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    There was a country comic named Brother Dave Garner. He used to have a bit that went something like, "Thank God for poor folks. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't know how well off we are." Well off is relative. I am not what most would call rich, but everyday I am thankful for how well off I am. Good family, wife and friends, enough cash to live, modestly, and enjoy life. Good health is more important than cash and my health is relatively good.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Voni View Post
    The Gathering Place forum has a philosophy that helps get me through tough times. Here is today's reminder:

    Thank you, kind lady! That helps.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lenrt1200st View Post
    Thank you, kind lady! That helps.


    Struggling with a retail store in a bad economy, I needed that reminder.

    Thanks Voni

    Steve (Now smiling)
    Steve Marquardt

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