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Thread: Gauley Bridge RR crossing.

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    Gauley Bridge RR crossing.

    Took a little day trip on Wednesday. Some of you may be interested to know that the railroad crossing east of Gauley Bridge, WV, near Cathedral Falls, has been modified to be more motorcycle-friendly. The slippery-when-wet rubber strips have been replaced by concrete.

    On the other hand, two other RR crossings east of Charleston on Rt. 60, at Rainelle and McRoss, are unchanged.

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    A Belated "Thank You."

    Weeble (who never wobbles) --

    Last year, you made a great contribution to the Rally, and I never could find your contact information to thank you!

    For those that may not remember, Weeble was the person who created the local Ride Guide for the Charleston Rally, and did he *ever* pick out a nice set of roads (as I can personally attest!).

    I saw hundreds of people at the Rally with hardcopies of these rides.

    Too bad the guides are still not on the BMW MOA site, they would make an excellent resource for anyone planning a ride to/through West Virginia.

    Here is an overview of Weeble's work. There were a number of more detailed maps, and they are still available in PDF if anyone is interested.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Thank you.


    Thank you for the kind words!sd


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    Maybe I was lucky. sunday on my way home from Willville in VA I travrled a strech of 60. I hit rain after I got on the Interstate just south of Charleston.

    I did go across at least one set of the plastic RR tracks. Remembering the stories at National last year I used extreme caution.
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