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Thread: Supplemental LED Brake Light

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    Marc, the light looks good. I should have my bike done just after Christmas and I'll take some pictures. I'll be adding the LED brake light and PIAA 910 and 1100X driving lights to the front at the same time I'll be putting in a fuse block and a volt meter. The 910's will be up near the mirrors for open road usage and the 1100X will be under the headlight which will be good in traffic.

    The 1100X's may not stay on the bike if this turns out to be over kill. I'll try it and see.

    BTW, I like the R69S. Thats cool.

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    Y connector

    I tapped into my brake light wires using one of these to the LED brake light (made my own):

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    Piggy back connectors

    This is a link to the type of connector I was talking about.

    If your bulb socket (my bike is an '04 RT) uses blade type connectors, the piggy back will plug in between the current brake wire and bulb socket and provide another connector for your auxilary light. No splicing, no tapping involved.
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    I have used those in the past, the Radio Shack version is easier (sort of) to add to the existing wire. If you use the tap in Radio shack connector get some silicone and put it in the connection before you close it and then it is water proof.

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