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Thread: What are you listening to today?

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    William Prince. Leaves me breathless!

    First time I heard him, i was on my way to work in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. CBC morning show puts him on LIVE. I HAD TO pull over and just listen! That voice! It stops you in your tracks! The best part? He's from Manitoba! Man, I went home and bought tickets to see him ASAP!!! He really is that good! And a wonderful person to boot!
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    Found link on ADV; worth sharing.

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    A little different take on the GB&U theme, link also found on ADV -

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    If one clicks on the link below you will be on the YouTube page that starts the 11 songs comprising the Danish National Symphony Orchestra concert "The Morricone Duel" (of which the Good, Bad, and Ugly track above is taken). I thought that this was a great concert. It is worth watching / listening to while using some good speakers or headphones.

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    Sorta makes you want to get out there and have at it !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bullet View Post
    Sorta makes you want to get out there and have at it !!

    My favorite comment on this video -

    "Well, I've seen it all. A country song about BMW motorcycles. If he's only going 90 mph with the throttle wide open, he must have an older one. "

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