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Thread: What are you listening to today?

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    Or was it one of the Marchello brothers I couldn't make up my mind.
    It really was their beards, too.
    They were all pretty furry back then.

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    The thing about traveling is, you never want it to end and you can't wait to get home.
    I answer to Roy, Chief, or Sarg.
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    Fiona Apple: Criminal.

    Wherever does that little girl get that smokin' alto voice?

    Heckuva video, too

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    Victoria, The Kinks

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    Okay I could say that today I have the soft tones of Holiday Music rafting thru the house, but honestly it's time to battle with the "Dust Bunnies" so I have my Naughty Mommy Mix CD echoing thru the house...

    Bad Girlfriend--Theory of a Deadman
    Family Reunion-- Saliva
    Burn It To the Ground-- Nickelback
    The Bleeding--Five Finger Death Punch
    FMLYHM-- Seether
    Addicted-- Saving Abel
    Famous-- Puddle Of Mudd
    6 Gun Quota-- Seether
    Rescue Me-- Buckcherry
    Ladies & Gentlemen-- Saliva
    The Beautiful People--Marilyn Manson
    S.E.X. -- Nickelback
    Hemorrhage(in my hands)-- Fuel
    Get Stoned-- Hinder
    It's Been A While -- Stained
    Piss It All Away-- Puddle Of Mudd
    Last Resort-- Papa Roach
    So What! -- PINK
    Fake It-- Seether
    Something In Your Mouth--Nickelback
    So Many People-- Neurosonic

    So that's just a bit of what I'm listening to today.
    "Wether you're a good witch or a bad witch, it's all about the shoes"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs2beers View Post
    So that's just a bit of what I'm listening to today.
    I think we have a complete opposite taste in music.

    Oh, right:

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    Quote Originally Posted by tessler View Post
    Man, I grew up listening to Mott and would love to see them get together and tour the US.
    Not real likely; certainly not with Buffin on drums. He's apparently got Alzheimer's and only managed to play on two songs during the third show. Most of it was Martin Chambers (Pretenders). For some reason, Morgan Fisher wasn't asked to participate and, of course, Mick Ronson's been gone for years.

    There is a remarkably active and cohesive cyber-group dedicated to Ian Hunter (and Mott) here. Click into "Messageboard" and you'll find a delightful bunch of loons where you can keep up on this kind of stuff. I knew about the shows months earlier, but couldn't really justify going to London for them.

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    From today's Shuffle

    We've been busier than one-armed paperhanger at work lately. I just put iTunes on shuffle. These are the songs I liked best today.

    • Roky Erickson ΤΗτ Reverberation (Doubt)
    • Lime Spiders ΤΗτ Blood From a Stone
    • Frank Zappa ΤΗτ Zomby Woof
    • The Unclaimed ΤΗτ Run From Home
    • Mad Violets ΤΗτ Psilocybe
    • The Spliffs ΤΗτ Can't Live With Myself
    • Toots and The Maytals ΤΗτ Pressure Drop
    • Low ΤΗτ Walk Into the Sea
    • The Sadies ΤΗτ 120 Miles per Hour
    • Deep Purple ΤΗτ Bird Has Flown
    • Mystic Eyes ΤΗτ Enough of What I Need
    • The Jujus ΤΗτ Do You Understand Me?
    • The Greenhornes ΤΗτ Hold Me
    • The Prisoners ΤΗτ Say Your Prayers
    • Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited ΤΗτ Sad City (Original Mix)
    • The Sonics ΤΗτ Shot Down
    • Minutemen ΤΗτ Corona
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    Abbey Road. A favorite. (Obviously NOT the original cover.)


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    The boys back in the day! Original cover.


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    In sitting here working on assignments, I went through:

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    Don't you boys know any nice songs?

    Joe's Garage
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