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Thread: Motorcycles and Veterans

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    Motorcycles and Veterans

    Every weekday the Toronto Globe & Mail publishes an essay written by one of its readers. This one, written by a Patrick Mondaca from New Jersey, explores the relationship between veterans and their motorcycles:

    "When you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."

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    Interesting piece; thank you for posting. I do not buy into his premise about a motorcycle’s role in a veteran’s life, but I can see that it is an individual response and decision. Young, single vets, overwhelmingly young men, return from deployments with a pocket full of cash. Not surprising that they gravitate towards fast cars and motorcycles. All too often it ends poorly, particularly for the motorcyclists. The losses to the military from motorcycles was astounding and led to development of training courses, one of which we now know as the MSF advanced riders course.
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    Agree with Kevin. I was immortal until I experienced combat. Never afterwards. The sense of freedom I feel on the open road is tempered by the awareness of just how fragile life is. And yet, there are times I've felt that it didn't really matter, that death is inevitable and not to be feared. Being crippled is a greater concern. I've heard that's not uncommon among vets.

    I remember how intense the motorcycle training course was back in the 70s - required before I could get a base sticker for my Honda XL250. The Marine Corps took motorcycling safety seriously! The gunny admonishing us to "Ride like a prairie dog, always alert for threats coming from any direction. Snakes under you, coyotes from the side, hawks from above!" In retrospect it sounds like the precursor to SEE, but in a form I can more easily visualize. Regardless, it saved my skin several times in the years since.

    Cameradie, definitely, but only in small doses. I ride solo and can't understand group rides in "military formation." During my years of active service I never met anyone who enjoyed close order drill, or marching in formation. But riding solo to rallies and getaways are always a great time!
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