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Thread: Cleaning Engine Cases

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    Cleaning Engine Cases

    So what's your secret for keeping those airhead engone cases clean?

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    I've been busy cleaning 10 years of neglect and abuse off a R75/5 and I used something I just picked up, Orange Blast . It's a citrus oil based non-toxic degreaser and it worked wonders on the cases. It comes in a flourescent orange spray bottle and I got it at AutoZone.

    Beware of Purple Power and Simple Green and such, they can really stain the aluminum if not used with caution. (If you WET the cases first and KEEP them wet while brushing or scouring they'll be fine, but if the stuff DRIES on the surface, it will stain it).

    I don't know for sure, but I may have bought this automotive product: Auto Orange Blast Stands to reason since I bought it at the zone.

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