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    Jacket choice

    I did not want to post this under the HiViz thread which has become about the pro and con. I was rear-ended a month ago, and have a new bike as a result. Riding season is over because of weather, but doing my Winter and Xmas list planning.
    Curently wear Olympia AST - good jacket. So my choices are Olympia HiViz Vest to wear over AST Jacket (hot I can imagine, but most cost-effective answer.
    BMW Savannah in the yellow/grey - but I think I would need to get some fleece or other undergarment for cold weather. It does not look as waterproof as AST.
    Stich Darien - the old standby

    What say you ?

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    I have experience with the Darien and the Savannah, but not the AST, which I've only read about. I'm on my second Darien, as I really like that no separate rainsuit or liner is required, and I can tolerate that it's warmer. My friend Darryl prefers the Savannah, as he didn't mind the liner issue and really didn't like the increased warmth in hot weather.

    Last time I shopped, I ended up buying a half-dozen jackets over the net, and wearing them around the house. I ended up with Darien #2. I was careful to buy where I could return the purchase without a restocking fee. There were a lot of big boxes around for a week, and the dining room table's chairs looked like a bikers' convention.
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    Why don't you look into some sew on reflective strips. There is a lot of reflective stuff on the market you can sew on. That is too nice a jacket to get rid of just because it doesn't have it. rockywoods fabrics online is one place that sells some.

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    I'd be nervous about stitching anything onto a textile jacket because it might compromise the fabric's waterproofness. With that in mind I found at Walmart a product called Dritz Liquid Stitch. It claims to be washable (waterproof?) and ought to be stong enough to fasten reflective material to a riding jacket. Also it might be used to attach an MOA patch to my jacket without stitching. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm getting closer.

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    There is a product out there that requires no stitching and it is waterproof, stretches, and breathes. It is the stuff that outdoor companies use to make seamless jackets and stuff. Here is the link

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    Not sure I understand the question

    Are you looking to replace the jacket or enhance the visibility?

    I have two jackets, an Olympia Airglide II mesh.
    I have it in silver. It has reflective tape sewn in and the liner is removable and waterproof. At least in the Colorado summer downpours.

    I also have a Tourmaster Transition

    also in silver and it is flat out waterproof. Same thing with the reflective.

    The Tourmaster is too warm behind the RT fairing so I bought the Airglide for summer wear.

    You could also buy a good quality road workers reflective vest for less than $20 that you could wear over the jacket. Many come in mesh material to allow for airflow.

    These you can find in any work clothing shop.

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    Having just sorted through this issue for myself, there is no way I would settle for a construction vest. As you may know (from the Hi Viz thread) I ended up with the Olympia vest. Lots of mesh front and back for air flow and excellent, moto specific quality. Frankly, I consider $70 cheap and a $20 construction vest cheaping out. If you want even more mesh, the Vision vest is a good choice.

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    Thanks all

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    I feel sometimes - I have a target on me. It's safer to ride in a group.

    Jimfastcar - I do miss Sharky bar and patio- jumping off the bridge in summer up in Oakville.
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