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Thread: GS Panniers

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    Great Selection of Bags

    Thanks folks for the input. I think Polarbear had it right when he said there is a great selection of successful bags out there. I think I'll go for a ride and think about it. I do some of my best thinking while riding.

    Thanks again.

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    +1 Micatech.

    Just finished my first season with Micatech. Can't say enough positive about these bags and the customer service. What I like the most is I can strap my Camelback and tent to each top, and not have to remove them if I want access into the bags. I have never had an issue with stuff falling out as I use bag liners inside (My old Kathy's K-Bike bags fit well leaving extra room for stuff I don't need in my nightly accommodations.) so I can transport my goods easily to my tent or room.

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