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    Thumbs up 800 Number Message Board


    One of the many benefits of membership is the 800 number message board.

    Here how is works.

    On page 24 of your Anonymous book you will find instructions on this service. All you need is your member number and a phone. Call 1-800-4-BMWMOA (1-800-426-9662) 24/7 to be connected to a live operator.

    The operator will take your message and ask who the message is for. Your friend(s) simply dial the number and identify themselves and the operator relays the message.

    The message is retained for 24 hours. If you need it to remain available for longer you need to call back within 24 hrs to keep it live.

    As my plans include traveling in areas where cell service is not guaranteed I plan on using this service with various friends who will be joining our little rolling party to Spokane. One of my riding partners and I gave this service a test earlier today and we give this two thumbs up.

    Rob Nye
    Bristol, Rhode Island USA
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    Rob Nye: Right on, Mr. Secretary. Good lookin out!

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    I've used this service a whole bunch of times to get folks I'm riding with all back on the same page and headed to the same spot.
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    This number is the only number I gave to work before I left. I "accidentally" left my work cell phone turned off since Friday.

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