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Thread: Road tar removal

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    Quote Originally Posted by JHGilbert View Post
    The old Go-Joe handcleaner with lanolin used to work great on tar. It's been replaced with new "orange cleaners" that may work as well.
    Watch it! Many of those orange cleaners have pumice in them, and I've used non-pumice versions to REMOVE PAINT. You can still purchase GOOP and GoJo "creme" cleaners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyfr View Post
    I use WD40.
    +1 works great...

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    Ever seen this?

    Truckers, dump truck style trucks, hauling the stuff. Ashalt is hauled in the back of dump body trucks and THEY USE diesel fuel in a spray bottle to wet their beds, before the ashalt goes in their. Its much easier to clean the black goo off, afterwards. It works. Baked on exhaust pipe goo may need some soaking, so leave it on for a while and go back to it, for an easy wipe off. Kerosene, WD40 and Bug/tar removers are all good ideas. Randy

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlobalRider View Post
    Kerosene or WD-40. That is all I've ever used.
    Ufda happens..........

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