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Thread: ST to S handlebar conversion for F800

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    ST to S handlebar conversion for F800

    I own a 2008 F800ST. I love it except for the riding position. My problem is the opposite of most riders' issue. I am 6'3" (female) and the handlebar position is to high, too far back, and the span is too wide. My dealer, Ozzie's BMW Center (they're great) in Chico, CA, let me ride an S and the riding position was way more comfortable. My bike handling improved big-time. Plus, my wrist angle and range of hand motion was far better. I prefer my ST overall, but the S riding position really suits me. I'm seriously considering a comprehensive ST to S handlebar assembly conversion. Estimated cost is $1,000+. Has anyone done this? Any experiences and/or opinions, or alternative ideas are really appreciated. Incidentally, if you have parts you'd like to swap in order to do the reverse conversion on your bike, maybe we could work something out. Thanks, Kate

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    Interesting project.
    Is your cost estimate based on buying all new OEM parts?
    I would suggest looking at aftermarket "clip ons" popular with the cafe race and streetfighter crowd, there are probably some available to fit your fork tube size. You could then have a machinist mill the bar mounts off of your stock upper triple clamp to make it look right.
    My second option would be to look for salvaged parts, someone must have wrecked an S model by now, or possibly an R1200ST (they're adjustable, too).
    Try for possibilities. Someone has also been parting out an F800 on ebay, I forget which model.
    Even another make and model bike could be the donor if the parts will fit with minimal modification. There's a motorcycle salvage yard in our small town, maybe there's one near you.

    Happy hunting!

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    I saw an add in the MOA a few years back for a CD copy of the Repair Manuel for my bike. A 1999 R1100-S. Its $125.00 new. Got it for $60.00 I called the guy to make the purchase and then we started talking about what we had both done as far as changes to the bike. He pointed out that he had changed the seat to a Corbin. Then stated that with the investment made for a BMW the best thing he could do was make it as comfortable as he could. Three days later I ordered a Corbin seat and its the best money I ever spent. My point is make the bike fit you. We are not all the size the factory thinks we are. Enjoy your Ride even if it means spending a few bucks more.

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