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Thread: international shipping?

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    international shipping?

    Hey everyone. My future wife and I are planning on shipping our dresser and trailer to somewhere in the UK and from there touring Europe for a month or two. I have absolutely no idea what's involved in getting the bike and trailer over there. We live near a port city, Charleston, SC. Have any of you done this before? What issues are there with licenses and insurance and the overall legality of riding a US registered bike? What's a ballpark figure for shipping/crating? Thanks everyone!

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    International Shipping

    Look on the Global Touring section of the MOA website that Court Fisher maintains. It is a great source for information on all matters related to European touring including companies that ship bikes.

    Unless you've ridden a rig like that in Europe before you might want to reconsider. Having just returned from riding in Europe I can tell you that trying to ride a rig like that on European roads, especially through the Alps, will not be fun. If taking all that stuff is that important, consider joining a tour where they haul your stuff around in a van.
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