I'm in the market for a new pair of riding pants and I'm looking for opinions.

Currently I have two pair:

Firstgear Air 2.0 - Basically mesh firstgear pants with a rainproof inner liner. These are great for hot weather though I really don't like the "inner liner" design. It's cumbersome if rain starts. I also know the "mesh" is not as protective as other material.

Firstgear HT overpants - These are my "rain/cool/cold" pants. Above 70 they start to get uncomfortable, but they are solid, waterproof, and have a nice insulated liner. They are starting to wear out.

What I would REALLY like to find:

A pair of overpants that will work in all weather. Really, I'd love to see something like my Olympia AST jacket. Waterproof/protective shell (so no stopping to put a liner in), insulated liner for the really cold weather, and then maybe vents you can open/close? Does anyone make anything like this? If it rains I can pull over and close the vents on the Olympia in about one minute - maybe two. That's acceptable to me, but I don't want to be installing a liner to keep the rain away. Vents that open/close would work great for rain and still give me airflow when needed.