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Thread: Foot Peg lowering kit

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    Foot Peg lowering kit

    Does anyone have personal experience with a foot peg lowering kit - Suburban Machinery - for example on the F800ST?

    Maybe I'm the wrong demographic for this bike?


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    Smile How much do you need it lowered?

    The least expensive way to lower the footpegs is to just remove the rubber insert on the existing footpeg.
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    My bike is a R1100R, but I can vouch for the quality and usefullness of the Suburban peg lowering kit. Very good design, materials and results. I'm sure that it will be just as nice on your bike.

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    I have only good things to say about Suburban Machinery, Inc. Their stuff is tops.
    But if you get the footpeg lowering kit, then make sure you also get the extended shift lever as your angles change. Without the extended lever, the distance from peg to shift lever is shorter by at least one inch (depends on bike and kit).
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