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Thread: foot pegs 1200rt

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    foot pegs 1200rt

    I need help locating lowering driver foot pegs for my 08, 1200rt. I had ordered a set of the varios out of the 08 Wunderlich accesories catalog and they were addvertised to fit this bike but aren't even remotely compatable. Maybe for a sport bike? Also they aren't in the newest Wunderlich or the newest BMW accessories catalog so I guess there was a problem somewhere. Lawsuit maybe??
    I would like to lower the pegs about 2", no more than that. I'm not an aggresive rider so I'm not concerened about dragging them around the corners. Any help will be most appreciated..
    Mo Shaffer
    Maggie valley NC,
    St. George, BM

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    I second that! worked great for me.

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    Foot pegs for 1200RT

    Thanks for the replies on the pegs. They look like the same ones that Bob's BMW carry. Mo
    Mo Shaffer
    Maggie valley NC,
    St. George, BM

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