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Thread: The early returns are in from EIMCA!

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    The early returns are in from EIMCA!

    A surprise candidate made an appearance in the EIMCA today. The expected front runner made its appearance but many are wondering what impact the Concept Lo Rider will have on the next four years and more for BMW!

    These are the early results. Stay tuned as more pictures are downloaded and the information on the candidates for your riding dollar are translated into English.

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    This is the background information provided by the BMW camp on their surprise candidate at the EIMCA show in Milan.


    The study BMW Rider

    1. The Rider in brief 2
    2. Highlight of the Concept Bike 3
    3. The idea in detail 4

    1. The Rider in brief

    The BMW Rider: Exploring a Roadster sports and pure design customizable

    Pure, powerful, naked and reduced to essentials: a few words that describe an incomplete BMW Lo Rider, a new study by BMW Motorrad.

    The BMW Rider seems, at first glance, a Roadster from muscular look, with so much technology in the foreground and a boxer engine that delivers powerful emotions and the most fun driving. But in reality behind all this is the study of a new concept of "Custom".

    The lightweight, powerful engine and a great pair, and a sophisticated chassis, provide extremely sporty driving, chassis and the chassis allow a relaxed riding position with wide handlebars borrowed from Cruiser and the Naked.
    The concept was developed to involve, for the first time, the score in the definition of the BMW Rider, beyond any possibility! Numerous configuration possibilities, for example, different exhaust, different saddles, variants of the projector and different colors, can achieve a degree of personalization hitherto impossible with optional accessories and original.

    The character of the motorcycle is adaptable to the client's personal taste, which is free to set its Lo Rider according to his preferences range from sophisticated Cruiser all'aggressiva Muscle-Bike.

    2. Highlights of the Concept Bike

    • It combines current technology with style is modern classic.
    • The ability to combine elements of design according to your preferences.
    • Ability to choose between an exhaust high or low.
    • Ability to choose between single and a seat for the passenger, a saddle or aluminum.
    • Ability to choose a projector with classic style or Streetfighter.
    • Reservoir with or without aluminum cover.
    • Reservoir in four color variants.
    • Carter engine in three variations of color.
    • the wheel front and rear painted in black or chrome.

    3. The idea in detail

    A concept that opens a new way - as usual homemade BMW Motorrad

    BMW Motorrad, as per tradition, to develop new motion opens new avenues and innovative concepts.

    In past studies were presented and fascinating drawings that were then put into production. Indeed, a study by BMW Motorrad is much more than an attempt to draw a completely new motorcycle.

    In their development work engineers BMW Motorrad not have considered only substantive issues such as functionality, technology and quality but also the emotional relationship that has to be established between a man and a motorcycle.
    It is not enough for a motorcycle functions perfectly, it should also stimulate the senses of the motorcyclist must fascinated at any time, even still, in every detail.
    Emotions that arise from the relationship with the motorcycle: customization tailor

    By studying the BMW Rider presented at Milan, BMW Motorrad not only continues the tradition, but an important step in promoting the relationship between man and motorcycle.
    The idea: for the first time the customer can participate actively in the configuration "extreme" of his BMW and not only through optional accessories. In fact, the score for the first time, enjoy the opportunity to configure your The Rider of the start of production, then through main components like engine and chassis and thus created his motorcycle on the measure.

    The classic meets modern: a combination of style from different eras

    The study Rider none of the classic motorcycle segments, intentionally. The concept bike combines technical characteristics of high performance sport bike to traditional and classic principles of motorcycle production.

    The chassis includes components of modern sports bikes, as the impressive range upside-down, the brake caliper pistons for six attack and radial tires 17 inches, are combined with motorcycle style of the fifties and sixties.
    For example, the exhaust traditionally mounted in the lower style sidepipe gives an image from classical Roadster or sophisticated Cruiser.

    Fitted raised the memory returns to legendary motorcycle racing or characteristic patterns Scrambler 70s.
    The saddle can be customized using codes directly by the fifties and sixties. The BMW Rider offers the motorcyclist broad ability to customize the theme "Roadster" according to your preferences. The Lo Rider poses virtually no limits to creativity of the pilot.

    Chassis and engine: top-level technology, based on
    classical concepts

    In all the prospects Lo Rider offers a mix of classic and modern references combined with the most innovative technology. The trellis frame suggests the sophisticated technology, suspensions all'avantreno see a telescopic fork upside-down while the rear is the monobraccio Paralever, technology that is found even in current models Series boxer, although the cycling of the Rider is lower than that of the classic Roadster.

    I try to find 17 "with chrome spokes and the hub painted black, reflect the style and charm of yesteryear. The double-disc brakes with wave design are processed by the six-piston calipers. The Lo Rider focuses on modern technology and a solution for typical BMW: the legendary boxer engine.

    For over 85 years is an icon design and original develop a full pair, a sound and an unparalleled power. In its current version with power over 100 hp, overhead camshaft, electronic fuel injection and catalyst.

    The customer is the designer style and colors

    The Rider The concept provides the greatest attention on the two basic elements, the engine and chassis. Any non-essential detail has been omitted.

    The look changes depending on the combination of elements that characterize such as exhaust, the saddle, the front headlight and colors that characterize the style of the concept.

    The combination of classic and modern components is dictated solely by personal taste of the customer. The classic saddle aluminum sheet gives a connotation sports, the single seat, reduced to essentials, surely fascinate purists, it would be also a seat for the passenger.
    The objective pursued by the team of David Robb, head of design at BMW Motorrad, is to ensure that all possible combinations of components assembled with pleasure create a single motion as the need of the customer.

    Regardless if equipped with exhaust raised or down, with saddle seat sports or single or two people, The Rider is always different, while maintaining a convincing personal style.

    The Lo Rider is also customizable with different types of lighthouse earlier: split aggressive and modern vertical configuration gives it an ethereal Streetfighter.

    The classic round-shaped projector includes a semi STILEMA of the past. A further possibility of customization and on the range of colors available. For the tank are four different shades, which, combined with three different colors of the casing of the engine, creating matching personal.

    Any combination ensures perfect harmony between the valuable aluminum components, such as the cap, support the saddle or the ribs of the wing. The front and rear fender is available in black or chrome.

    Italian translated to English by

    It is not clear if this is a concept bike that has legs. BMW has made it clear it understands its problems with the cruiser market in North America. As much as riders of the R1200C and variants love the bike it was a dud in the larger cruiser market. Will this bobber styled Lo Rider make it to the show room as a redefined way of expanding the Boxer market in North America?
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    F 800 R BMW Press Kit

    This is a multi part post.


    The new BMW F 800 R.
    1. Overall concept and vehicle properties. .................................................. ................ 2
    2. Engine. .................................................. .................................................. ................................... 5
    3. Chassis. .................................................. .................................................. ................................. 9
    4. Electrical system and electronics. .................................................. .......................... 11
    5. Body and design. .................................................. .................................................. ............. 13
    6. Equipment program. .................................................. .................................................. ..... 14
    7. The paint finishes of the F 800 R. .................................................. ............................ 17
    8. Sepcifications. .................................................. .................................................. .................. 18

    1. Overall concept and vehicle properties.

    BMW most recently struck out on a new path in the segment of medium
    category motorcycles with the F 800 series launched in 2006. In addition
    to the sporty F 800 S, the first model variation to be presented, and the
    F 800 ST with its touring capabilities, the fourth BMW Motorrad engine series
    was supplemented in 2007 with the F 800 GS and the F 650 GS – two dynamic
    enduro models in the very best BMW GS tradition.

    With the new F 800 R, BMW now takes the logical step of expanding
    the F 800 model series further by presenting at the EICMA 2008 – the
    Milan motorcycle show - a sporty roadster in the segment of medium category
    naked bikes designed for a high level of riding dynamics and maximum
    riding fun. Alongside the two roadsters R 1200 R and K 1300 R, this is now
    the third BMW roadster to see its world premiere in the BMW Urban world
    of experience: the new F 800 R, the dynamic BMW naked bike for the
    medium category.

    The engine of the F 800 R is the parallel twin with 4-valve technology and
    a capacity of 798 cc, already familiar from the F 800 S.

    While the highly distinctive in-line 2-cylinder engine of the previous models
    was especially impressive due its pulling power, spontaneous response
    and low level of fuel consumption, the new model now reflects a further
    optimisation of engine and throttle response thanks to a new throttle valve
    kinematic system.

    The rated output of the engine is 64 kW/87 bhp at approx. 8,000 rpm and
    produces a torque of 86 Nm at approx. 6,000 rpm. The mass compensation
    of the parallel twin is implemented by a system which is still unique in
    serial production motorcycle construction in which an additional swivel rod
    compensates the first-order and second-order mass forces, ensuring
    that the 2-cylinder engine runs with an unusually low level of vibration which
    is especially pleasant for the rider.

    Closely based on the big BMW roadster K 1300 R in its design, the distinctively
    sporty F 800 R with its orientation towards a high level of riding dynamics
    delivers just what its dynamic exterior promises. From standing, the F 800 R
    possesses considerable sprinting power. What is more, shorter gear ratios
    in fourth to sixth gear ensure improved continuity; in conjunction with the
    excellent pulling power of the two-cylinder this makes for a highly agile and
    sporty performance.

    Important contributions to the outstanding dynamics of the new F 800 R
    are also made by the low dry weight of approx. 182 kg or approx. 204 kg fully
    fuelled and the chassis with double-sided rear-wheel swing-arm which is
    especially adapted to the requirements of a sporty naked bike. In accordance
    with the style and purpose of a sporty naked bike, the new F 800 R also has
    a secondary drive with O-ring chain.

    In line with the demands of a dynamic roadster, the chassis is designed for
    excellent handling, agility and steering precision, and therefore maximum
    riding fun on winding country roads, though without compromises in terms of
    directional stability at high speeds, for example when riding on the motorway.
    The streetbike freestyle world champion Christian Pfeiffer provides a foretaste
    of just how playfully the rider can handle the F 800 R. For over two years now
    he has ridden a version of the F 800 S exclusively tailored to his needs at
    international competitions and shows: the similarity of this bike to the current
    F 800 R is by no means coincidental. In future, the motorcycle acrobat will be
    able to demonstrate his skills on a machine based on the new F 800 R.
    But the new F 800 R boasts more than just sporting talent: in the very best
    tradition of BMW it also possesses classic virtues such as outstanding
    seating comfort for rider and pillion passenger as well as an exemplary level of
    safety. For example, the F 800 R is optionally fi tted with an ABS whose newly
    developed pressure sensor provides an even fi ner regulation of the system
    and therefore even greater safety – especially in connection with sporty riding.
    What is more, the extensive BMW Motorrad accessory program meets all
    customer demands in terms of individual fi ttings.

    An overview of the main features of the new F 800 R:

    • C ompact, sporty naked bike with high level of riding dynamics and agility
    for maximum riding fun.
    • Liquid-cooled parallel twin with 798 cc, 4-valve technology, dohc valve
    drive via cam followers and a unique mass compensation mechanism.
    • Top output 64 kW/87 bhp at approx. 8,000 rpm, maximum torque 86 Nm
    at approx. 6,000 rpm.
    • Enormous pulling power for maximum riding fun on country roads.
    • I ntake manifold fuel injection with electronic engine management BMS-KP,
    oxygen sensor, closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter and secondary
    air system for low fuel consumption and purifi ed exhaust emissions.
    • New throttle valve kinematics for even more sensitive throttle response and
    improved engine response, especially in the lower speed range.
    • Six-speed transmission with shorter ratio of the three upper gears for
    increased riding fun and performance.
    • Secondary drive via O-ring chain.
    • Torsionally stiff aluminium frame with new double-sided swing-arm.
    • Generously sized telescopic fork with 43 millimetres stanchion diameter.
    • V ery agile handling with very high degree of steering precision.
    • Dry weight/road-ready weight: approx. 182/204 kg.
    • Fuel tank positioned under seat for optimum centre of gravity.
    • High-performance Brembo brake system with optimised ABS and newly
    adjusted pressure sensor system.
    • Wide range of accessories.

    Powerful parallel-twin for characteristic roadster dynamic performance.
    The new F 800 R is fi tted with the 2-cylinder in-line engine with cylinders
    tilted forward by 30 degrees: the engine is largely familiar from the F 800 S.
    With its full torque curve and spontaneous response at all engine speeds,
    it offers an excellent basis for use in a roadster designed for a high level of
    riding dynamics.

    In the segment of medium category naked bikes, the 2-cylinder offers a
    number of technical highlights. As refl ected in the engine designation parallel
    twin, the crankshaft has a crank offset angle of zero degrees. This means
    that the engine, installed transversely to the direction of travel, operates with
    an even fi ring sequence in which a combustion cycle is initiated at every
    rotation of the crankshaft. This results in an intentional similarity in sound
    to the fl at twin “boxer” engines, which also operate at a fi ring angle of
    360 degrees. In particular, the even fi ring sequence supports a balanced gas
    exchange cycle with high torque effi ciency and a harmonious curve, thus
    fulfi lling the basic requirements for a dynamic engine in a sporty naked bike.

    Unique mass compensation for maximum running smoothness.

    The first and second-order mass forces which are unavoidable in 2-cylinder
    engines are neutralised by a unique compensation mechanism which is familiar
    from the existing models of the F 800 series. Instead of using the conventional
    method of so-called compensation or counterbalance shafts, compensation
    of oscillating mass forces is effected by means of a system of pivots which is
    linked centrally to the crankshaft with a specifi cally defi ned arrangement of
    counterbalance masses: a tappet on the crankshaft offset from the crank
    pins by 180 degrees carries a so-called compensation rod. This rod is hinged
    on a balance arm which is virtually horizontal. The kinematics of the system
    is designed so that the compensation rod moves up and down in the opposite
    direction to the two engine rods. Due to the fact that it runs via a relatively
    long arm, the rod head moves virtually in a straight line. The distribution of
    masses at the rod head and arm has been selected so that the mass forces
    resulting from the swivel movement counterbalance the oscillating mass
    forces of the crank drive (piston and rod elements) in every position. This
    almost entirely eliminates the first and second-order mass forces and makes
    for a very low level of vibration when the engine is running. Another great
    advantage of this elegant construction is its low noise level, since the typical
    engine noises of cogs and chains do not apply here.
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    2. Engine.

    Oil circulation with semi-dry sump lubrication.
    The oil circulation also has a number of special technical features which go
    beyond what is standard in this category of motorcycle. In order to minimise
    splash losses, the F 800 engine series has a semi-dry sump lubrication
    system. Any oil escaping from the main bearings of the crank drive runs into
    the sealed off shaft of the compensation system. An oil pump extracts the
    lubricant from here and distributes it to the oil jets in the gearbox. Oil escaping
    from the gearbox via gaps in the crankcase is collected together with the
    oil escaping from the cylinder head via the chain shaft in the remaining space
    of the crankshaft casing around the rod shaft. This space is thus used as
    an integrated oil tank. A second pump feeds all bearings from this reservoir.

    High-tech cylinder head as in the current K 1300 models.

    Two overhead camshafts rotate in the engine of the F 800 R, driven by a chain
    drive and activating four valves per cylinder via cam followers. As a light, lowfriction
    and high-rev-suitable cam follower construction, the entire valve drive
    is extremely low-wear in spite of the large valve stroke, making for generous
    maintenance intervals.

    Injection with new throttle valve kinematics.

    Other characteristic BMW features are demonstrated by the fuel-mixture
    preparation which is carried out by an intake manifold fuel injection system
    with BMS-KP engine management and two 46-millimetre throttle valves.
    Here the engine management system controls the injection quantity not by
    means of the duration of injection but via the pressure provided by the
    fuel pump depending on the required level of power. The fuel system works
    without a return system and only transports the quantity which the engine
    actually needs. This power-saving quantity control means that fuel pressure
    can be adjusted across a wide range to achieve optimum carburetion.

    This unique principle is patented. In order to measure the quantity of fuel
    injected, not only are the familiar parameters such as load, engine speed
    and temperature used but also the residual oxygen content of the exhaust
    emissions. The relevant information is provided by an oxygen sensor
    positioned behind the junction of the manifold pipes: this is indispensable for
    effective conversion of exhaust emissions by the separate 3-way catalytic
    converter which is installed as standard in the F 800 R.

    For the first time, a new throttle valve kinematic system is used in the F 800 R
    which ensures an even more sensitive throttle response and improved engine
    response. It was especially important to developers to make sure that the
    accelerator maintained a gentle, fi nely tuned response, especially in the lower
    speed range. Great importance was also attached to an accommodating
    load-change response while retaining a spontaneous and agile engine response.

    The air required for carburetion reaches the intake silence by means of
    an intake snorkel positioned ideally in the cool air stream. As in all models
    of the F 800 series, this favourable positioning above the engine and the
    large volume for enhanced torque is possible due to the shift of the fuel tank
    under the seat.

    New exhaust system in dynamic design with separate
    catalytic converter.

    A new exhaust system with a separate catalytic converter has been developed
    for the F 800 R. This is no longer integrated in the silencer as in the F 800 S.
    As a result the silencer of the F 800 R, made entirely of high-quality steel
    and with a matt surface, is considerably shorter and contributes to the sporty,
    dynamic look of the new BMW medium category roadster. The engine
    mana ge ment system has been adapted to the new circumstances.
    A secondary air system enriches the exhaust gas with fresh air so that
    pollutant emissions are reduced to a minimum after treatment in the closedloop
    catalytic converter.

    High-revving and high-torque.

    As with the F 800 S, not only the state-of-the-art fuel injection system
    of the new F 800 R contributes to the bikes highly agile power delivery but
    also the low centrifugal mass. Even in the lower engine speed range, the
    not especially short-stroke 4-valve engine with its bore-stroke ratio of 82.0
    to 75.6 millimetres quickly gains engine speed and delivers 90 per cent of its
    maximum torque at 5,000 rpm. Between 5,000 and 8,000 rpm the engine
    demonstrates impressive power delivery to the accompaniment of a unique
    sound. The rated performance fi gures of the 798 cc twin 64 kW/87 bhp at
    approx. 8,000 rpm and 86 Nm at approx. 6,000 rpm provide a high level
    of performance potential for the F 800 R, especially when riding on country

    Optimised gear spacing for increased riding fun.

    While the gear ratios for gears one to three are identical to those of the
    F 800 S, gears four to six have been adapted to more common use on winding
    country roads with a shorter ratio so as to increase riding fun, agility and
    riding dynamics.

    In this way, the parallel twin of the F 800 R combines impressive pulling power
    with dynamic spring capacity. At the same it demonstrates that sporty
    performance by no means comes at the price of a high level of fuel consumption.

    When riding the bike on country roads, a fuel consumption rate of well
    below 5 litres of premium fuel to 100 kilometres is feasible, allowing for an
    impressive range of 300 kilometres or more with the 16-litre fuel tank.
    BMW Motorrad also offers an ex-works power-limited version at no extra
    charge with 25 kW/34 bhp at approx. 7,000 rpm and 55 Nm at approx.
    3,500 rpm, for motorcycle novices who hold a restricted licence, for example.
    The power reduction is implemented by means of an altered throttle valve
    system which limits the opening angle of the throttle valves.

    Sporty secondary drive with O-ring chain.

    In order to do justice to its sporty, dynamic orientation, the new F 800 R has
    been fi tted with an O-ring chain for its secondary drive. This has proven its
    low maintenance and reliability and is in keeping with the especially dynamic
    appearance of a naked bike in this segment.

    Engine and chassis in perfect harmony.

    In the F 800 R as in all models of the F 800 series, the compact design
    of the engine and chassis provides the ideal basis for exemplary riding
    properties which set benchmarks in terms of agility and directional stability.
    The extremely torsionally stiff aluminium frame, familiar from the F 800 S
    and made of welded extruded sections and die-cast mould parts, ensures
    a virtually straight-line connection between the steering head and swing arm
    pivot point. In order to optimise weight and space, the engine is integrated
    in the chassis as a load-bearing element and its casing with reinforcement
    in the rear section also performs the function of a bearing for the new
    double-sided swing-arm in light alloy cast with a total of four needle roller
    bearings. The engine block is bolted to the frame immediately above the
    swing-arm bearing. The frame rear section in steel tubing is largely the same
    as that of the F 800 S and is connected to the main frame by means of
    four bolt connections.

    New double-sided swing-arm in sporty design.

    The new F 800 R is fi tted with a double-sided swing-arm. Unlike single-sided
    swing-arms it is a highly fi ligree construction in light alloy cast, giving an
    especially agile and sporty look and highlighting the very dynamic overall
    character of the new F 800 R, especially at the rear.

    For the front wheel suspension in the F 800 R, a telescopic fork is used
    with 43 millimetres of stanchion diameter and generous covering of the
    immersion tube and stanchion. The solid suspension system benefi ts not only
    directional stability but also steering response. Agile banking changes in the
    new F 800 R are carried out with a high degree of steering precision and a
    very direct sense of the front wheel a guarantee of maximum riding fun on
    winding country roads. The spring-damper settings are adjusted for increased
    riding dynamics and the 125 millimetres of spring clearance ensure both
    outstanding comfort as well as solid road-holding. A steering damper is fi tted
    as standard.

    A new upper fork bridge forged out of light alloy, with steering stem clamps
    which are also forged, supports broad, butted light alloy handlebars. The
    fork stabilizer is also new, ensuring additional torsional rigidity and further
    increasing ride stability and steering precision.

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    3. Chassis.

    Balanced weight distribution and a favourable total weight equally contribute
    to the excellent riding dynamics of the F 800 R. Road-ready and fully fuelled
    it weighs only approx. 204 kg its unladen weight is approx. 182 kg.
    The rear strut has adjustable rebound stage damping and an easily accessible
    handwheel for adjusting the spring pre-tension. Its spring-strut settings
    have been adjusted for use in the new F 800 R. A socket wrench enlarges the
    contact surface of the handwheel so the rider can quickly and easily adapt
    the spring pre-tension to different load conditions. Directly pivoted to the
    double-sided swing arm, the strut also provides 125 millimetres of travel.

    Sporty wheel design.

    The F 800 R features the wheel design ǣSpeed of the F 800 S. In these
    light alloy die-cast wheels, the valve is mounted on the side, which makes
    checking the tyre pressure very convenient. The front wheel size is 3.5 x 17"
    with a 120/70 ZR 17 tyre, while the rear wheel is 5.5 x 17", allowing a size
    180/55 ZR 17 tyre to be mounted.

    Uncompromising Brembo brake system.

    With 320-millimetre steel brake discs and Brembo 4-piston fi xed brake
    calipers for the front wheel, the F 800 R is fi tted with a brake system
    which one would generally expect of a large-volume naked bike. The brake
    calipers work with sintered metal pads and the main brake cylinder has
    an adjustable lever as well as a separate storage container. At the rear there
    is a single-piston fl oating caliper on a 265 millimetre steel disc. High-quality
    steel-reinforced brake lines, been re-laid to meet the special requirements
    of the F 800 R, ensure a stable pressure point which can be clearly felt.

    Optimised ABS with new pressure sensor.

    The new F 800 R can be optionally fi tted with ABS. This BMW Motorrad ABS
    is distinguished not only by its compact construction and low weight but has
    also been further optimised for use in the F 800 R with a new pressure sensor.
    In keeping with the sporty function of the F 800 R, the re-adjusted pressure
    sensor system allows even more fi nely tuned regulation of the ABS, for
    example when going over bumps.
    What is more, BMW Motorrad ABS provides integrated diagnosis functions.
    For example, wheel rotation sensors automatically monitor their distance from
    the sensor wheel, thus enhancing the bikes excellent safety level.

    Electrical system with CAN bus technology.

    The electrical system of the new F 800 R works with the progressive
    CAN bus system familiar from the existing models of the F 800 series. The
    Single Wire System (SWS) offers numerous advantages: it reduces the
    amount of wiring, allows all control units to be networked with each other and
    thus simplifi es the provision of extensive diagnoses. What is more, safety
    fuses are no longer required because the system automatically deactivates
    the affected component in case of malfunction.

    Since the introduction of CAN bus technology, an electronic vehicle immobilisation
    function has been a standard feature of most BMW motorcycles,
    and this also applies to the new F 800 R. The electrical plug connections are
    waterproof and thus insusceptible to faults. A powerful battery with a capacity
    of 14 Ah and a powerful alternator with an output of 400 watts provide the
    power supply.

    Instrument panel in new design.

    The cockpit with its analogue instruments informs the rider at a glance.
    For the F 800 R the dials have been redrawn and adapted to the dynamic
    appearance of the F 800 R in terms of design. As a special equipment option,
    BMW offers an on-board computer which also provides a stopwatch function
    among other features.

    The asymmetrical dual headlamps with the technology familiar from the
    F 800 GS give the new F 800 R a sporty, aggressive face and intentionally
    echo the design of the big roadster model K 1300 R. Two H7 headlamps
    ensure that the rider can see and be seen.

    New electrical switch units.

    As in the new K 1300 models, the F 800 R features switches and controls of
    an entirely new generation. The new switch units use MID technology
    (Moulded Interconnect Devices; lasered conductors instead of individual
    wiring) and are thus much smaller and more compact while also offering
    a wider range of functions, clear design and optimum reachability.

    The functions of the left and right direction indicators, previously separate,
    are now combined in a single function on the left-hand side of the handlebars.
    Activation of the hazard warning lights is now taken care of via a separate

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    4. Electrical system and electronics.

    switch integrated at the top of the left-hand handlebar panel. The functions for
    low beam, high beam and headlamp fl asher have been combined in a single
    switch which can be conveniently operated using the left index fi nger.

    The activation switch for the optional grip heating has been moved upwards
    for easier operability and the selected heating level can be seen in the
    instrument panel display. The functions for starter and kill switch have been
    practically combined in a single rocker switch. This prevents the starter from
    being activated when the ignition is interrupted if the kill switch is activated
    by mistake, potentially resulting in battery discharge.

    The new technical design allows twice as many functions to be provided
    with the same number of switches as before. This is an important factor in the
    incorporation of additional features in the future.

    Sporty, dynamic roadster design.

    With the F 800 R, BMW Motorrad has realised a design concept which
    deliberately highlights the connection with the large sporty 4-cylinder roadster
    K 1300 R.

    Due to the light effect of the rear section and the compact combination of
    headlamps and instruments, the F 800 R appears short and compact, further
    emphasising the sporty look of this dynamic naked bike.

    BMW Motorrad has also paid special attention to quality details in the immediate
    fi eld of vision of the rider. For example, not only have the faces of the
    instrument panel been redrawn but also the upper fork bridge with steering
    stem clamps, milled covering caps and butted handlebars are fi nished in
    especially high-quality style.

    As compared to the F 800 S, the seat height has been slightly lowered:
    this will especially benefi t re-starters, infrequent motorcyclists and beginners
    who will fi nd the bike easier to handle as a result. An additional option for the
    reduction of seat height is a lower seat from the BMW Motorrad equipment

    Additional design parts for further individualisation of the F 800 R for example
    the Sport windshield, radiator trim panels, a pillion passenger cover and
    an engine spoiler are to be found in the extensive BMW Motorrad equipment

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    5. Body and design.

    Special equipment features and special accessories.

    BMW fulfi ls individualisation wishes not only with special equipment features
    fi tted at the Berlin plant but also by means of retrofi tted accessories which can
    be fi tted by a local dealer or by customers themselves. The special equipment
    features and special accessories have been specially adapted to the new
    F 800 R so that the buyer acquires high-quality, perfectly fi tting products
    which are in keeping with the character of the machine itself.

    Special equipment features.
    B MW Motorrad ABS.
    Heated grips.
    Lower rider seat (775 mm seat height).
    Higher rider seat (825 mm seat height).
    Anti-theft warning system.
    Tyre pressure control.
    On-board computer.
    Power reduction to 25 kW/34 bhp.
    LED direction indicators.
    Sport windshield (in body colour).
    Main stand.

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    6. Equipment program.

    Special accessories.
    H eated grips.
    Luggage bridge.
    Mounting kit for pannier holder.
    Sports pannier with variable volume.
    Topcase, small.
    I nner bag, Topcase.
    Back pad, Topcase.
    Tank rucksack.
    Tank bag.
    Main stand (with mounting kit).
    Service tools.
    Lower rider seat (775 mm seat height).
    Higher rider seat (825 mm seat height).
    LED direction indicators.
    White direction indicators.
    Helmet cord safeguard.
    BMW Motorrad ZUMO including holder.
    Pillion passenger seat cover.
    Engine spoiler.
    Radiator trim panel, black grained, and radiator trim panel, aluminium.
    Sport windshield (three colours: Alpine White non-metallic,
    Fire Orange non-metallic, White Aluminium metallic matt).
    Sports silencer by Akrapović?.
    Power reduction to 25 kW/34 bhp.
    Anti-theft warning system.
    Engine protection bracket.

    BMW Motorrad offers the F 800 R in three attractive paint finishes. The
    two-colour fi nish Alpine White non-metallic with Black silk gloss reflects the
    spirit of the times. Fire Orange non-metallic has a provocative, sport effect
    while White Aluminium metallic matt comes over as technical and modern.
    The frame, swing-arm and engine of the F 800 R are fi nished in black in
    all three colour versions. Together with the light alloy wheels, also fi nished
    in black, this makes for a particularly dynamic look which reflects the sporty
    ambitions of the F 800 R. The orange-coloured spring adds an interesting
    touch of colour.

    The interplay between the coloured and black surfaces highlights the newly
    designed body features and the powerful character of the new F 800 R,
    especially the sections which are typical of a roadster such as the muscular
    front section and the slim, sporty rear.

    The optional accessory parts such as the pillion passenger seat cover in body
    colour and the Sport windshield harmonise perfectly with the relevant paint
    fi nish.

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    7. The paint finishes of the F 800 R.

    Type Water-cooled 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine,
    four valves per cylinder
    Bore x stroke 82 mm x 75.6 mm
    Capacity 798 cm3
    Rated output 64 kW (87 bhp) at 8,000 rpm (output reduction
    to 25 kW (34 bhp) possible at 6,000 rpm)
    Max. torque 86 Nm at 6,000 rpm
    (output reduction: 58 Nm at 3,250 rpm)
    Compression ratio 12.0 : 1
    Fuel mixture preparation/
    engine management
    Electronic injection, digital engine electronics (BMS-KP)
    Valve/gas control DOHC (double overhead camshaft)
    Intake valve (diameter in mm) 32
    Outlet valve (diameter in mm) 27.5
    Throttle valve diameter 46
    Exhaust gas purifi cation Closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter,
    exhaust gas norm EU 3
    Acceleration 1100 km/h 3,9 s

    Performance fi gures/fuel consumption
    Maximum speed over 200 km/h
    Fuel consumption over
    100 km at constant 90 km/h
    3.6 l
    Fuel consumption over
    100 km at constant 120 km/h
    4.8 l
    Fuel type Premium unleaded, minimum octane number 95 (RON)

    Electrical system
    Alternator AC generator 400 W
    Battery 12 V/14 Ah, maintenance-free
    Headlamps 55 W (high/low beam), 5 W parking light,
    21/5 W (brake/rear light)
    Starter 0.9 kW

    Power transmission
    Clutch Multi-plate clutch in oil bath, mechanically operated
    Gearbox Claw-type 6-speed gearbox integrated in engine casing
    Secondary drive Endless O-ring chain with jolt damping in the
    rear wheel hub
    Primary transmission 1,943

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    8. Sepcifications. F 800 R.

    Gear transmission ratios I 2,462
    II 1,750
    III 1,381
    IV 1,227
    V 1,130
    VI 1,042
    rear wheel gear ratio 1 : 2.35

    Frame Bridge frame made aluminium, load-supporting engine
    Front wheel suspension/
    spring elements
    Telescopic fork, ? 43 mm
    Rear wheel suspension/
    spring elements
    Cast aluminium double-sided swing arm, central
    suspension strut, spring pre-tension by means of hand
    wheel, hydraulically adjustable at continuously variable
    levels, rebound stage adjustable
    Spring travel front/rear 125 mm/125 mm
    Wheelbase 1,520 mm
    Castor 91 mm
    Steering head angle 65??
    Wheels Cast aluminium wheels
    Rim dimensions, front 3.50 x 17"
    Rim dimensions, rear 5.50 x 17"
    Tyres, front 120/70 ZR 17
    Tyres, rear 180/55 ZR 17
    Brake, front Dual disc brake, fl oating brake discs,
    diameter 320 mm, 4-piston fi xed caliper
    Brake, rear Single disc brake, diameter 265 mm,
    single piston fl oating caliper
    ABS Optional equipment feature: BMW Motorrad ABS

    Seat height 800 mm (low seat: 775 mm, height seat: 825 mm)
    Inside leg length 1,770 mm (low seat: 1,720 mm, high seat: 1,820 mm)
    Unladen weight, road-ready,
    fully fuelled
    199 kg
    Dry weight 1,77kg
    Permitted gross vehicle
    405 kg
    Payload (with standard fi ttings) 206 kg
    Usable fuel tank volume 16 l
    incl. reserve approx. 4.0 l
    Length 2,145 mm
    Height (not incl. mirrors) 1,160 mm
    Width (incl. mirrors) 905 mm
    Page 20

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    Thanks for all the data Mika.

    Specifications. F 800 R.

    Electrical system
    Alternator AC generator 400 W
    Battery 12 V/14 Ah, maintenance-free
    Headlamps 55 W (high/low beam), 5 W parking light,
    21/5 W (brake/rear light)
    Starter 0.9 kW

    If they ever decide to make an RT model maybe the AC generator (alternator?) output can be enhanced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mika View Post
    A surprise candidate made an appearance in the EIMCA today. The expected front runner made its appearance but many are wondering what impact the Concept Lo Rider will have on the next four years and more for BMW!

    wouldn't mind having a set of pipes like that on my HP2 enduro.....

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    Press Conference Text

    The text from the EIMAC press conference relaese by BMW and translated from Italian to English by

    BMW Motorrad
    Comunicazione e P.R.

    Intervento di Andrea Castronovo.
    Presidente ed Amministratore Delegato di BMW Group Italia

    Conferenza Stampa EICMA

    Milano, 4 novembre 2008

    Fa fede la parola parlata
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    hello and welcome to the press conference of BMW Motorrad.

    I want to give a special welcome to Mr Hendrik von Kuenheim, President of BMW Motorrad, and colleagues from BMW Motorrad who are here with us.

    But before I take this opportunity to review the year 2008 that is coming in late with interesting results for BMW.

    Indeed, in the world, Italy has consolidated its position 1 export market behind the domestic market - Germany - for the 3rd consecutive year.

    Italy is not only a market for BMW very important in terms of sales, is also an important player for the supply of components.

    In the automotive sector some Italian producers have reached the standard of excellence, thanks to a long tradition and continuous development. In the last 2 years the volume of purchases of components from BMW was always more than 600 million euros.

    Let me say a few words on the progress of the motorcycle market in Italy.
    2008 is certainly not a happy years. We saw the motorcycle market in late September lose about 5% in the month and accumulate a total - 8.3% from the year.

    The reasons for this decline are to be found in the general economic situation:

    General decline in consumption.
    Caro gasoline.
    Economic growth stops (growth in 2008 => 0.1%).
    Crisis of American reflex that we are living in the old continent.

    Not least, after the rush of recent years, especially in the medium segment of the market, a period was necessary to consolidate the total volume reached. Let's assume that at the end of the market over 500cc is steady on 117,000 units.

    Despite the difficult situation, BMW Motorrad is growing. At the end of September we have registered 13,417 units, up 6.2%.

    The share of BMW Motorrad overall market is 11% motorcycles, an increase of no less than 1.4 percentage points.

    In the market segment over 750 cc, the market share is 24% (+1.3 percentage points vs. YTD 09-2007), also the R 1200 GS is the bike in most units sold by 4646.

    Scrolling the top 5 most BMW models sold:

    1. R 1200 GS => 4646
    2. R 1200 R => 2025
    3. R 1200 GS Adventure => 1700
    4. F 800 GS => 1365
    5. F 650 GS => 735

    The R 1200 GS continues its growth, in fact, compared to last year - in Italy - were sold 25% more.

    But I want to stress is another wonderful result of the sale of two new models, equipped with the new twin parallel, the family F: the F 800 GS and sister F 650 GS, which have been marketed since March of this year and that have achieved outstanding performance.

    BMW has identified within the Enduro segment, a space left empty by competitors: the R 1200 GS, has joined the F 800 GS, which is attracting many new customers. Much as 65% of the buyers was not, in fact, BMW customer.

    The F 650 GS in turn has also achieved excellent results, has collected over the previous version monocilindrica establishing itself to many new customers. Indeed, the rate of conquest, this model is 55%.

    In light of the results of our sales models enduro, 8674 units in a segment of 20,438 units: namely 42.4%, it is interesting to note how the Enduro market segment has grown to the point that it becomes the segment's largest market after Naked that of overcoming the Supersport segment.

    We talked about market and product. Precisely this was the protagonist in recent years, the expansion of the range BMW Motorrad.

    With the products presented in recent years BMW Motorrad has shifted the emphasis on greater dynamism, not only less weight and more power, but overall improvement in performance, where performance is not translating performance but as a general balance of the vehicle, then more fun.

    Fun driving that must, however, go hand in hand with security.

    In terms of active safety BMW offers the motorcyclist the highest safety standards. The electronic aids such as ABS, ASC ol'ESA ensure - in fact - the maximum driving pleasure and tranquility of an electronic system that intervenes in danger by reducing - without upsetting the laws of physics - the possibility of dropping or impact in case of emergency braking, uneven or funds with low grip or following sudden transfer of cargo.

    Further contribution to security come also from a technical adequate. Even in this BMW Motorrad has experienced a long tradition with his line BMW Rider Equipment.

    In general the use of proper clothing, guards and basic accessories such as helmets, Neck Brace, boots and gloves - just to name a few - raises the threshold of passive safety.

    Security depends both on the protection "mechanics" in case of slip, but also on climate comfort and wearability which allow the pilot to concentrate solely on driving. At the same time the anatomical guards, enter into any animal in the most exposed, absorb, in cases of accident, the resulting collision with kinetic force and let the residual strength that is transmitted to the body is below the safety standard.

    Clearly all the materials meet the operating requirements of the second motorcyclist to use the motion: off road, tourism, track or cities.

    Safety and fun to drive also depend on the ability of the pilot know how to manage their own motion in every situation. In this light were born driving schools BMW Motorrad Riding Academy and BMW Motorrad GS Academy, track and off road, to have fun and enjoy fully and safely in its motion:

    The BMW Motorcycle Riding Academy is a school of driving on the track. The school offers two courses, basic and advanced, the first gives the basic rudiments of driving safely, with particular attention to the maneuvers to be performed in an emergency, and is aimed at beginners. The second, addressed to experts, is a useful tool to safely enjoy learning to exploit the potential of motion consistent with their leadership. The Riding Academy is the 4th year of operation and has paid a total of about 2,000 courses;

    Last born is the BMW Motorrad GS Academy, the school in off-road driving where riders can acquire or improve its ability to drive off road for not being stopped where the asphalt ends and begin the adventure. The basis of the School is in keeping Castelfalfi in the province of Florence. This is the second year and were paid a total of 350 courses.

    BMW Motorrad is not only a brand or a product, but also a world of events and opportunities to enjoy the freedom on two wheels: travel, meetings, the raid, but also the driving courses, this is what we call the "BMW World".

    But we have not stopped here, in fact, the product, equipment and driving schools have joined the collaboration with the Faculty of Design of Politecnico di Milano with which we began a journey that has as its objective the study of the environment where the motorcyclist mainly moves, namely the city.

    This social commitment in promoting road safety culture is consistent with its Social Responsibility Principle of Sustainability of the BMW Group and concerns of all the initiatives of BMW Motorrad.

    The collaboration with the Polytechnic has led us to analyze the urban scenario, which is also the theater's most accidents involving the two wheels. In the first phase - the last year-we asked 60 students to imagine how it could be a safer road.

    Flowing behind me some pictures of the proposals of the students.

    Thanks to the contribution of teachers and professionals between 13 proposed concept we have identified the most interesting ideas and technically feasible and during the next few months, students, assisted by teachers, will be involved in the transformation of the concept in a real project.

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    Going Naked

    I have inserted a slideshow into the F 800 R (post #3) and will do the same for the R Concept bike also.

    The naked F800 is long expected and may draw big yawns as a news release while drawing many curious glances at the same time. The importance of this model and the many naked models other manufactures have introduced this year should not be lost on us.

    Economic challenges have hit so many of the manufacturers. In cash challenged world of the manufactures are struggling with the front end cost loaded manufacturing process. Marketing departments have to move product out the door to a customer base that may want all the whistles and bells but is as cash strapped as the manufactures or more. At the same time dealers are caught in the midst of all of this just trying to move enough out the door to survive. Survival for them is measured in more than sales but their ability to serve the customer down the road. How do they keep qualified mechanics, parts people and other staff required to take care of customers?

    Enter the naked bike.

    I am a personal fan of naked bikes because of the visceral appeal to me of seeing the engine displayed for all to see. For reasons previously mentioned it has another appeal to manufactures, marketers and dealers.

    The production costs for most manufacture, and in particularly BMW in the case of the
    F 800 R, decreases due in part to the fewer add on features a naked bike requires. Naked bikes do require more attention to details to look good. In many cases you can not just take the fairing off a bike and sell it as a naked bike. Fairings are cosmetic and hide things that should only be seen by mechanics. In the case of BMW it is a variant of an existing model and so does not require major production considerations that some other manufacturers naked models put on them.

    For the marketer it is the naked bikes present the first chance since December 2006 for them to potential expand market penetration with a new model at what hopefully will be an attractive price point for entry buyers. Keep in mind the difference between market penetration and protecting market share. The latter you are trying to protect your share of an existing market. The F 800 R provides an opportunity to expand the motorcycle market for BMW world wide.

    Dealers have to be excited. We can all readily tick of our own reasons why they would be excited but maybe I can add to the list in one word. ACCESSORIES! For dealers the profit is in the accessories if traditional wisdom is right. For some buyers the decision between two bikes or brands is the accessories that are included in the bike itself. If the bike comes with bags already, for example, there is no chance to sell bags to the new owner down the road. The advantage I see in the naked bike is the blank canvas they provide for me to add accessories to tailor it to my specific needs and wants. The dealer has to love being an art store supplying canvas, painting tools and paint to the naked motorcycle artist. It beats being an auction house for finished paintings in a very down market.

    BMW R Concept

    I will be adding a slideshow as I said. I had the chance to look at the F bike as I down loaded pictures. I have not had any time to spend looking at Concept bike so far. I am very fascinated by the idea.

    It is a naked bike. As such everything I said above applies here.

    It has a very different for BMW look. How will it play with the traditional BMW rider is unknown and perhaps not that important.

    The answer BMW is looking for is probably along the lines of Is this a direction that would allow us to compete in the cruiser market in North America and other markets where cruisers are sucking up big bike market share and challenging BMWs market share because we dont have a bike to compete with against H-D and all the cruiser clones?

    There is no doubt that it is a BMW but in my brief look it has a flavor of the very hot Zero Customs from the Japanese H-D cruiser builder. The look of their customs seems to transcend traditional market boundaries in their appeal. Their custom price limits their market. Can BMW take that kind of direction in style with a more mass production bike and be a boxer at the same time? We will see.

    Will it appeal to women and inseam challenged riders who would like a boxer for whatever reason but feel they can not ride one safely? School is out on that.

    We all have to keep in mind this a concept bike. Yet it appears on first blush one that it would not take long to turn into a production model if the reaction from the market and dealers is right.

    You ride in interesting times. Me, I am off to download pictures.

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    I added the slide show above in post # 2. WOW, I kinda really like it.

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