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Thread: Chatterbox or Auto Com or What?

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    Wife and I use Starcom 1 units with ICOM F21GM radios, they work very well and are priced well, they also have hookups for the Zumo and separate volume controls are available. We use the RKA In-Charge tank bags and hooking them up was very easy to do (it also keeps the components clean and dry and away from ignition interference).

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    Have the ZUMO wired to the AUX output on the radio (K1200LT) and able to use the audio control on the LT. Autocom hard wired to radio. Sound is fine. Also added XM to ZUMO and have MP3's in the ZUMO card slot. Love to ride with tunes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Professor View Post
    I just learned today that the local BMW dealer has quit handling AutoCom and is selling Scala Rider instead. He said they had some warantee problems with AutoCom. I don't know anything about the Scala Rider, but will go take a look tomorrow afternoon. I like the wireless idea too, but need more info on battery life, sound quality, options, etc.

    Any Scala experience out there?
    Yep, been using Scala Rider headsets for almost two years. We just bought the Team Set to able to do bike to bike. Other changes are to the mic boom -- it's longer. Reception and loudness are also better. I will say that having the longer mike boom is nice for making position changes and the set is much much louder and clearer. We were happy with the performance before but the Team Set is hands down superior. We can also connect via BT to multiple devices and the built in FM is nice. The only draw back is that the battery life is only around 8 hours but the way my wife and I use them this is good for an all day ride. We then charge them at night so they're good to go the next day. Bottom line -- we are really happy with Scala Rider. The fact that there ARE NO WIRES is the cherry on top!

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    I purchased the StarCom system from Premier Cycles. The StarCom system is just what I needed. Plig and play. Premier walked me through what I needed to hook up my Zumo, Ipod and CB Radio. The only adjustment was to set the VOX and the rider to rider level. There is no interferience with engine noise at all. The CB radio works great and I use the Midland portable CB 75-822 and it works great without an external antena. I have a RKA in-charge tank bag and everything fits in it as well as the Zumo being mounted on it. All I got to do is unplug the bag and everything stays with the bag. The communication from Bike to Bike works great. I ride with firend who has a Goldwing with a built in CB and intercom and he can't believe that the handheld CB can produce the power and clarity for us to communicate. The sound quality of the speaker is awsome as well. The total package including the Zumo 450 ran around $1100 and it was well worth it. I can take it with me to any bike as long as it has a plug.

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    I've got the Scala Q2 Teamset and have to say I'm very happy with them. I didn't have the most demanding needs when I bought it, I wanted a wireless system for intercom use, the ability to answer a cell phone call, connectivity with GPS and possible bike to bike comms. So far the Scala has been perfect. The built in FM is hit or miss for me but mainly because I live in an area where FM signals are pretty weak anyway, it would probably work better in a city. They only downfall I can really see with them is battery life, probaby not the hot set up for someone that tours 8 or 10 hours a day but for my few hours at a time they work great.

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    My wife and I wanted wireless too and went with the Chatterbox XBi units. We ride 2-up on our RT and have been using them for 2 or 3 months now and they work great. NO wires and they charge fast and last us the whole day as we turn them off when we go in for lunch and such. Fine on the RT up to at least 85 but we usually cruise 72 and then are perfect. Super easy install too.

    I have played with music from my BlackBerry and the phone connection and both work fine but I don't use the unit for that. I just tested it to see how it worked.


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