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Thread: /2 points?

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    /2 points?

    Are there any subs for the points on a /2?? vw???
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    /2 Points

    Have you considered the Pentacom conversion? It's a billet plate that uses Chevrolet points. I am not crazy about the conversion because you can't adjust the timing without moving the coil mount, but you can buy Chevy points anywhere.

    Many vintage specialists (Vech and Bob's, to name two) stock this conversion and the maker also sells them on fleabay.

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    You can get the correct points from Bench Mark Works. If you're running the original magneto ignition, they should last nearly forever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarrylRi View Post
    If you're running the original magneto ignition, they should last nearly forever.
    Keep some lube on the rubbing block...that will help the points last a long time. I found some stuff called Lubricam made by Standard products, designed for points rubbing blocks, etc.
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    ...and don't forget to check the advance/retard springs.

    One of mine broke after a rebuild and I had a hole in my piston in no time!!

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    Vech at Bench Mark Works says the GM points conversion is now crappy Chinese made while the original magneto points sets are of high quality. Saved me over 100 bucks by not buying the conversion system. My R50 runs like a dream and is all original....

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    Bill, I bought the popular set that's sold on a well known auction site.
    I also did not like the fact the timing is only changed by changing the dwell [point gap] or moving the line-up of the mag., which can result in hard starting.
    Also, when installed, the bike would not run and I determined the "GM" points supplied were defective. The part where the wire goes on was bent into too much of a "u" shape, which grounded out the points.
    They were installed, and removed in the same session.
    On the other hand, setting the gap is much easier. If these [the plate]was made to rotate as in the stock set up, I would prob. use it, If I could find quality GM points. To be honest, I did not look for another set, I guess quality GM points are out there.
    By they way, If anyone is interested, You can have the whole set-up for 1/2 price.
    I had a conversation w/Vech about the points plates and as usual he had what sounded like the real scoop.
    Seems a few[many?] years ago the quality of BMW replacement points[aftermarket] was quite poor and no real decent ones were avail. It was then that the GM points plates were a good option, as well made GM points were avail. Now there are quality /2 points avail. and the replacement GM points are junk. So appears we have come full circle. rj

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