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How about a quick primer to help those that are having problems?
For example:

When using photobucket click on one of the choices in the drop down box before uploading photos. There are 15 different choices. Depending on your needs try using:

160 X 120 (small)
320 x 240 (medium)
640 x 480 (large)

Using this method your photos stay unchanged on your computer and photobucket takes are of the heavy lifting.

I'll leave other sites out there to folks who frequent those locations.
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(Smugmug "small")

(Smugmug "medium")

(Smugmug "large")
Thank you Paul and Boney for providing this info. While I have looked at number of photo sharing sites and software to get a pretty good idea on the most common features shared among them, such as auto-resizing from a single image and posting EXIF data I don't know the particulars of how its done in each as I host my own photos using Gallery II software, so if others would share their knowledge on the sites they use, it would be most appreciated.

Again, I certain do not wish to alienate anyone by my request I was simply trying to consider what seems to work best for the most members. As I have stated before here and on other threads, this is your site, I see my role as more a guide than as an arbitrator or mod and endeavor to maintain a view of what seems to serve the greatest good for the membership based on what I perceive is in keeping with the desires of the membership as a whole.

So please keep all those great images coming!
And Boney I love the riot of colors in those images! Very nicely done.