I have a 1200 gsa with the 15th century torture chair installed on it. Everyone that has purchased a BMW gs has had the bonus of this outstanding option included on their motorbike at no extra cost. Congratulations, you own one of the finest motorcycles ever made! Just don't ride it for more than an hour or you may never be able to have children. How such an outstanding machine can have a seat on it with absolutely no thought towards comfort is unacceptable. I was attempting my first long distance trip to Wyoming this summer but yes, I turned around. The 112 degree weather was the most comfortable part of my 7 hour day. I tried everything, I almost took the seat off and sat on some folded clothes but I just handled it. That was a great day for me as I realized that I was a more powerful warrior than all the mighty Vikings. I haven't had the chance to ride up to Ventura to have a new seat made. I am an auto body person as a hobby and thought I could make this seat better myself. I used a grinder disk of 50 grit with a Black and Decker plastic backing plate, I think 5". You can get this stuff at the hardware store its like stiff sandpaper disks. The backing plate goes on a drill and your ready. I pulled all the staples but the front row and peeled back the vinyl. I figured where the seat was angled forward and used a marker to reference where to start grinding. I just tried to form it so it looked shaped to fit someone sitting! It's not that hard to understand, why didn't BMW do this? I took off a lot of foam, slowly but mostly right where my weight is pushing down. You must be careful and smooth with the drill as you can dig ruts in the foam. Instead of leaning into my gas tank now the seat is flat where I sit and there is still plenty of foam, I don't bottom out. I would put on the bike and take it of and back on, testing every time by sitting on it. Finally It felt comfy and I stopped before I messed it up. Last, I use a 100 grit sandpaper by hand and smooth the bumps out on the foam. I pulled the vinyl tightly side to side and re stapled it. It's probably not as good as a custom seat but it turned out good and it looks good too! If you cant relate to making any kind of sculpture then you may not want to try this but it's free if it works!

This is for all the battle damaged warriors and Egyptian slaves out there.