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    I own a 2001 Unigo made in New Zealand.

    2 issues I wish could be fixed.

    1) High speed wobble over 75 mph (an issue when passing)
    2) Hitch rubs on the rear fender of my 1150 GS leaving a unsightly scuff (cosmetic issue). I was told the new hitches don't do this and for another $400.......

    Other than that I love the product. Never had a bearing problem over 20,000 miles (regreased at 15,000) and I do carry spares ($6.00 ea) just in case. The tire is still original showing very little wear. My wife is a passenger only and all our camping gear fits neatly inside - 3 man Eureka tent, Queen size inflatable bed, camp stove, pot set, dishes, rum, towels, axe, kindling etc.
    Without this little gem there is no way we could do our trips. It is slightly heavy on low speed maneuvers and you must have good footing when coming to a stop. Once moving you hardly know it's behind you and carving the twisties is no problem at all, the only difference is that the machine is very slightly slower to respond steering. The trailer tracks perfectly.
    Never had any problems with loading (keep the heavy stuff down low) and have ridden home for short distances overloaded with apples, duty free booze etc. although the suspension will bottom if hitting a speed bump too quickly fully loaded. We have even done short runs on gravel roads to remote campsites with no problems. An important thing to remember is to plan the escape upon arrival as backing the thing up can be difficult.
    As the owner of an custom electrical manufacturing company I take great pride in the quality of my product and this trailer meets my standards. I have had it completely apart to repaint from blue to black (bought used at 3000 miles) and was impressed with the attention to little details as well as the quality of the hinges. Not the cheapest m/c trailer on the market but if ever anything happened to this one I would buy another in a heartbeat.

    Update Jan 2011: I have been experimenting with a custom hitch damper that has significantly reduced the high speed wobble.
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