Presently trying to work some great material from Michael Murray into the January column. MAX BMW in Troy, NY sponsored Michael and even threw in a few lunch for those who attended. Thank you Ben! Michael's photography is spectacular and the adventure should be seen if Michael is presented by your dealer.

In the meantime download his great list even if you are not a GS rider. In an email to Michael Murray I suggested he consider adding SPOT to his list.

Four our MOA thread to SPOT click here.

The Trans-America Trail (TAT) is nearly 5,000 miles of dirt, brush, rock, sand, mountain terrain, river crossings, swamps, and just about every other kind of
terrain you can think of. If you’re planning to ride all or parts of the Trans-America Trail, you’ll need to be prepared.

Michael Murray, adventure motorcyclist and cameraman for the Road Less Traveled documentary has compiled a list of “What to Bring” which will help you be more prepared for your adventure on the Trans-America Trail.
Here is the link to the FREE and superlative list.

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