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Thread: Quiet Helmets

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianhinton View Post
    Is there anyone here who has years of riding and owned several helmets that can suggest a very quiet helmet?
    A helmet as quiet as when I'm wearing those yellow foam earplugs doesn't exist. And none of them are even remotely quiet enough that I would go without them.

    Unfortunately, helmet manufacturers put far more emphasis on gimmicks (graphics ) than what is really important.

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    I went from HJC flip up to Shoei RF-1000 full face, and the difference is remarkable. The Shoei is significantly quieter. My wife and I both wear them, and have installed speakers for our intercom. We can converse at speeds up to 70.

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    I have found that AGV shield design keeps the noise down around your ears. Everybodys ears are pretty much one on the right and one on the left as far as I can tell. I have had Shoei, Arai. AGV, HJC in the 20+ I have been riding. The AGV design has the cleanest transition from the shield to the rearward part of the helmet limiting the disturbed air to recoil at that point. Thats where the noise comes from in all helmets. Take a look at it. Even their inexpensive helmets have same design. The height of the rider, windshield placement, how close ones ears are to the outside of the helmet all add into how noisy a helmet is. But the design overall is what tells the story. I am plenty happy with my yearly purchase of 200 count earplugs at the safety store. At the time I didnt like AGV for not having removable liners but they have since included that in their products. I currently have a 2-3 yr old Arai. Arai to me is more pillow like and heavier.

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    Thanks guys, you have all been a big help.

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