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Thread: Anyone want to swap a K75 "Standard" seat for a Low seat?

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    Anyone want to swap a K75 "Standard" seat for a Low seat?

    Hi All,

    I am the new owner of a K75RT. It is the "low seat" version, and I am 6'2. The riding position is OK, but I'm inclined to think that I'd probably be more comfortable with a standard seat.

    So....I'm looking to swap someone even-up for seat (in good condition) and hardware for doing the switch. I think I have all the information necessary to do the swap, and if you live anywhere near Southern California, maybe we could meet and do it on-the-fly!

    If you're interested, just reply to this thread.


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    I'm (actually I am gifting it to "the wife) the new owner of a 1991 K75RT with the standard Corbin seat in almost new copndition. The bike has only 5200 miles on it, garage kept, bla bla......
    I'm looking for a low seat so she can have a better chance of reaching the ground with both feet.
    Unfortunately I am in northern Illinois with no plans to ride 2000 miles west.

    You heading this way any time soon?


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    not sure if it will work or not but I have K100rs seat that might is from a 1985 k if you want it let me know...I can ship it to you

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    Thumbs up Possible trade


    Well, the fact that you're in northern IL is not necessarily a problem. I believe I have all the information that we need to do the swap, and I know people who have done distance swaps before. Assuming we both have the hardware that the other needs, this might work!

    How about if you contact me offline and we can discuss some details and swap photos? Just send me an email at and we can chat further.


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