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Thread: GPS - Need Help on Purchase

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    My SO got me a Garmin 265W for Christmas, not bike specific, but it is Bluetooth, so will sinc with my Scala Rider for in helmet voice directions, as well as alerting me as to when I have a phone call, so I can smile and ignore it!

    Looking forward to playing with it, seems to aquire satelites pretty fast, as well as calculate directions. The POI already found me a seafood place I didn't know about.

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    I got the 2720 a couple of days before Christmas (only took a month from order to receiving - maybe they used Pony express).

    It made a great last minute gift to my wife and she was very excited about it. The packaging doesn't indicate whether it's new or refurb, but it appears new. But then again, the 376c I got is a refurb and also appears new.

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    Garmin 60

    Quote Originally Posted by GlobalRider View Post
    Many of us use the Garmin 60 Cx. I liked it so much after more than 2 years of use, I just bought another one as a spare.

    A few of its many advantages & features:
    • various power options: 8 to 36 Vdc vehicle power, runs 15+ hours on a pair of AAs, USB power.
    • non-proprietary micro SD cards to store maps. A 2 Gb card runs under $20.
    • tracks can be stored to the micro SD card therefore you're not limited to the built-in track logs.
    • fits into a pocket.
    • waterproof to IPX7

    About $300

    I agree.
    I use it for two cars (with a plug in, so it lights up at night), two bicycles, and used to have it on my R1150GS Adventure, powered by the bike. It's the most versitile and probably the best and easiest to read screen. The screen is pretty small, however. Good luck.
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    Bought a Garmin 2720 last month from

    It is refernished unit but carries a 1 year warranty. I sent mine back to Garmin with an on/off switch problem, and they are fixing it under warranty.

    I have bought several gps's from this company and they have been good to work with.

    The latest price for the 2720 is $120.

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    Good luck with your new GPS, but I would be a little worried, about it's ability to withstand the weather, and the units ability to stand up to the constant vibrations a motorcycle dishes out.
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    many miles on both my 2720, 2820 and 550.

    Very rugged had never had an issue.

    Reliable products.
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    Bought a 2820

    After listening to everyone I bought a 2820 from So far I am exceptionally pleased! Thanks everybody for weighing in.

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