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Thread: Driftless area video

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    Driftless area video

    Two Fridays ago I took a 200 or so mile ride in Wisconsin's "Driftless Areas" of Lacrosse, Vernon, Monroe, and Juneau counties. One of the best stretches of road is highway FF between Hillsboro and Wonewoc. Lots of curves to slice through with soaring vistas of America's Dairyland interrupted by swooping valleys.

    The Bandit seems perfectly suited to this kind of road. The acceleration you feel as She Devil starts to pull on your arm sockets makes you think of how a fighter pilot must feel during a climb.

    The stability and feel in the curves makes one think of a good power tool. Not so light that it's jittery, not so heavy she's hard to toss around.

    The camera mount, BTW, is simple. I merely took my cam corder and bungeed it to the forearm of my throttle hand. Enjoy!

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    Good stuff!

    We are very lucky to live in a state where a 200 to 300 mile day ride can be exciting and DIFFERENT every time.

    Nice Bandit too!

    Glenn in Janesville

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    Really nice video and editing. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm lost. I've gone to find myself. If I get back before I return. Please ask me to wait.
    Any tool if used improperly can be used as a hammer.

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