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Thread: RT1100R Windscreen

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    R1100RT Windscreen

    I have a factory windscreen and am experiencing turbulence and back pressure. I have been researching replacements, (Cee Bailey, Aeroflow) does any one have any input, does one function better than the other?
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    Of course it's a matter of taste. the original windshield on my RT caused a lot of buffeting at higher speeds. I I have a V-tech installed now. with the windshield raised about one inch, I get no buffeting and little wind noise.

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    R1100RT Windscreen

    I have the Cee Baileys and have really enjoyed it. I have the Euro cut and it's a +2". No buffeting. I little suck but not a problem compared to the buffeting I had before. I'm 6'1".

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