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Thread: wide width boots

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    wide width boots

    Can someone recommend a touring boot that comes in wide widths (EE). I cannot seem to find any motorcycle boots in wide width.

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    That's why I wear work boots. The high traction soles might break an ankle one day but the shoes have gotta fit. Have you noticed how everything seems to be geared to shorter smaller people lately? Where's the special model and seat for the long legged rider with size 13+ feet.

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    I recently bought a pair of steel toed Red Wing boots in EEE width and a pair of Alpine Star boots that fit my 11 EEE feet. You can always try a wide width boot 1/2 size larger than you normally buy, that has worked for me on several occasions. Ride Safe

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    Roger what Rpbump says, I need EE bought half size larger used gel insert very happy camper..................
    R and R

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    Couple of things: You could try a half or one size bigger to compensate for the width as long as you're not swimming in them. Unlike street shoes, your feet don't move around in them much once you're on the pegs and riding. Also depending on where you live, such as a large city, some shoe repair places can stretch them for you.

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    I have EEE feet coupled with high arches, footwear has always been difficult for me.

    I get workboots issued to me through my job. Redbacks are my current favorite, wearing them 18-24 hours at a stretch they have proven to be quite comfortable. There is probably a Police/Fire uniform shop in your area, try there.

    For "pure" MC boots, BMW branded boots have fit well in the past. I'm currently wearing a pair of Combat Touring Boots from Aerostitch. They are quite wide, though not the most comfortable boot I've worn. If doing it again, I'd probably get the BMW boots again.
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    not alone

    I have a pair of sidi boots ("Te Por") that come in "mega" size - I usually wear a 12.5 EE and only seem to fit very specific brands. (Asics make 12.5 EE for the bigger runners out there, and Keen size 12 fits well, too) I know about sidi from bicycling shoes where they have similar MEGA sizes. I am VERY pleased with the performance of these boots and they fit VERY well! Make sure you ask for the MEGA sizes, as not all of their boots are produced in a wider width.

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    Check out SIDI at Motonation. They now make wide width boots in a couple of styles.

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    Boulet makes a nice engineer style that zips up the back. They are made in Canada and come in 3E width. I paid around 150 this spring at a boot shop. They are working out well and are water repellent when riding, after treating with Sno-Seal
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    Good luck. As someone with 13-EEEEE feet, my advice is to try everything. When it comes to motorcycle boots, the fit has little to do with the numbers on the boots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mlarsenjd View Post
    Can someone recommend a touring boot that comes in wide widths (EE). I cannot seem to find any motorcycle boots in wide width.
    Tourmaster Solution boots, waterproof, and after broken in a great boot. I can wear them all day and not have a complaint. For $120.00 you cannot beat these boots. I wear a 11.5 4E boot normally, I bought a 12 wide Solution boot. It took about 30 days of daily wear to break them in, I've had them for 6 months / 9000 miles now and they are better now then when new.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I think I will try the SIDI boots in the Mega size.

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    My son has "DUCK" feet, EE+.
    He is wearing some Alpinestar Touring boots, not too much money. He says that they are very comfortable.
    May want to give them a try. They will definitely be my next pair of boots.
    He just got home from an all day in the rain ride(400 miles) and his feet were dry as a bone.
    Good luck and great riding

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    I have wide feet and a very high arch/instep which adds even further to the tough fit. Unfortunately, I have to buy VERY expensive shoes if I want a good fit.

    BMW MC boots are a perfect fit for me. I was shocked they fit so well as they don't come in wider widths but they are cut just perfectly.

    I have used mine for several months now in a variety of weather 40's to 90's, rain, etc. And I love them. I'll definitely buy another pair when these wear out.

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    I too have 11 EEE feet...and for cold weather touring boots...I have found that Daytona boots work well.....for hot weather I have BMW boots.....neither is cheap....but for me they last a long time......I take them off and wear other shoes if I am going to be walking a long time....Jesse to the rescue....
    Jim Bud...

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