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Thread: wide width boots

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    I have wide feet high arches. 10 EEEE. Yep, duck feet here also.

    My current boots are the alpinstars, go to and read the comments, he always discusses the width of the boot. If you have real big calf ( I ride bicycle too) they are limited, can not tuck in the jeans.

    With the high arch they take a bit of pull to get on but fit good and are waterproof. No vents so hot in the summer, touring you will need wicking socks and lots of your favorite powder, which helps getting them on.

    I wear almost everyday, and after about a year I see some cracks in the fake leather and there are some minor wear issues, given the high price of MC boots though these are an excellent value. I would buy again. They are comfortable to ride in and limited walking, but take your tennis shoes or waking boots for anything other than minimum walking as kind of stiff and will not break in like leather.

    Still for a little over a $100 can not beat them.


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    I'm another widefoot guy. I found Vendramini boots, very expensive, are the ticket. My foot is not just wide, but very straight. In my case, I ordered my usual size, and they fit fine...I wear very thin socks.

    They've been waterproof for about five or six years, my feet and ankles were undamaged in a crash.

    The soles are slightly softer than one might expect, and thus wear smooth a little sooner than one might want, but they can be resoled for $100 with either a motocross sole or a trials sole. I went with the trials sole, and have been satisfied. It's actually a Sidi sole, done by a place in Califa...Sole Performance, they can resole any motorcycle boot, an important consideration considering how hard it is to find a boot that fits.

    Here's the Sole Performance link:

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