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Thread: Look what Becky's done!

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    Look what Becky's done!

    Becky has begun an adventure, Kentucky to Washington on an 82 R65LS.

    After 3 weeks riding, sets off on her own to cross the country.

    You can follow her journey via her blog

    You can add your comments to her blog, rally her on via her email at or silently follow her tire treads as she makes her way WEST.

    It's my opinion that anyone that sets out to learn to ride a motorcycle in less than a month and then set out across country is gutsy!

    Dad (Mark Renfrow)
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    Try this link

    She has the soul of an adventurer.. That's great!!! Go, Becky, GO!

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    WOW ! What a gutsy Gal!! You gave her your anonymous book didn‘«÷t ya? And maybe a .38?

    I will follow her travels !!!
    R and R

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    What fun she's having!

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Godspeed, Becky

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    Hey Mark, thanks for posting Becky's blog address, it's great.

    I'll be checking in on it every day and wishing her luck.

    I was at the Shiloh rally but rode down to Corinth for BBQ Saturday night and missed you two.

    Andy Fountain

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    This is pretty cool! She has a nice way of writing about things - I'll definitely be keeping track of her journey - especially since I can't be riding myself for a few weeks. I will live vicariously through her.

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