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Thread: Tankbags?

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    /7-Take a look at the Wolfman site. I've used a Mag Bag for years on my R60/5 and now that I've got a R75/5 just about on the road, I'm going to get the XLMag for it.
    I LOVE the simplicity of the magnets. No muss, no fuss, just pick the bag up and go. And the magnets hold it to the tank just fine, even fully loaded at top speed.
    Nice to have a METAL bike again!

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    I really cannot offer comparison info. I have had a RKA for my 96 R1100R for 7 years. I use it most of the time, so I guess it has about 50K of use. It doesn't slip around, hasn't damaged the tank, and is still in good shape. Thus, I would recommend it.

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    hi all,

    i am using the BMW tankbag made for the old K bikes - it clips on and off easily and since it's tailored to fit the K tank, fuel-ups are no hassle zip back the two zippers that hold the bag to the base, and there's a hole on the base that lines right up with the tank lid...if anybody has a pre-mid-nineties Kbike, i highly recommend it if you can find one...

    I also want to give a shout out to Marsee - I have had one of their expandables (clip-on) since I started riding, capacity is great and it's very tough - but it's no match for the BMW bag for convenience...

    I've never used a magnetic tankbag - always seemed like too much extra weight....

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    Tank bag

    I just bought a HELD tankbag from for the paltry sum of $39. It uses a velcro and strap mounting system that might sound iffy, but it holds everything in place just fine. I've put a few hundred miles on it and the bag stays put. When you take the bag off the bike, it turns into a backpack. The contour of the bag is a perfect match to my R65's gas tank. I'm sure a Marsee or RKA tankbag would rock, but they can cost well over a hundred bucks. This is a great bag design at a fantastic price. I'm pretty sure there are still some available. I can send you a photo of my bike with the bag on it if you wish.
    Best wishes.

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    I have a Marsee 20L tankbag with the magnetic base. It's a well made product with exception of the map holder. Last year, I was 10 miles west of Albuquerque on I40. With a 25 mph + wind from the southwest, that map holder took off like a frisbee. By the time I crossed the Rio Puerco, the map holder was half way to Santa Fe. What a cheesy set-up. Since I already knew where I was going, I guess I didn't need the map holder after all.

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    I have a Tour master bag that I used on my K100. The top of The Brick's tank was flat and level and this bag was made for that, and would probably work on some of the /7 tanks too if I recall their shapes correctly. The Brick's tank was aluminum though so straps were required.
    Anyway, the TM bag is great! Very roomy, an outside pocket on every side, smaller removable & expandable bag on top, straps for converting to a backpack even. I think I paid $150 for it a few years ago. When I got rid of The Brick and got The BatBike (R100R), I notice BB's tank was not level on top so I almost sold the TM bag. Then it occurred to me that the TM bag fits well on the pillion portion of the seat and easily bungees in place (has a few D-rings sewn on down low!), so now it is my tailbag and I feel better about paying so much for it.
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    Final Decision?

    I think I've finally come to a conclusion on which tankbag best fits m needs. The reason I posted this question here ad at boxerworks ws becase I was planning to ride to the national and thought I would need more luggage to carry my crap up there. So I got a lead on a great priced Tourmaster,($98.00 everything included) on boxerworks. So I ordered it without hesitation because I was crunched for time and that one got the best reviews at that time. But, because of work, I did not ride there. So after flying there and seeing all that the big rally had to offer. A lot of great stuff to see and touch with a lot of great people to show how it all worked. I have finally decided to purchase the RKA. Richard Battle was there to show off his stuff firsthand. He was great. And in my opinion the bag was just of a finer quality. Although it costs about $40.00 more and the extra stuff costs extra. The Tourmaster was made of very thick cordura which would normally spell longlasting. But also seemed more abrasive with not enough paint protection stuff on it. The RKA has this slipknot stuff all over the bottom and sleeves for the straps,(which the Tourmaster did not offer). Also the RKA bag has all these neat little easy put-on take-off extra accessory bags. The Tourmaster has wide side bags wgich do not remove. I was worried that these side bags may interfere with the handlebars. The shape of the RKA and where and how the straps were placed and used semmed a lot better. So I am going to send my Tourmaster back this week and buy an RKA. The only minus is the extra dough. But, I guess you get what you pay for. All the other bags that I saw were nice but I think thse two bags were at the top of the hill. When I get the bag on the bike and put some miles on her I'll let you know how it works in a practical sense.

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    I have the BIG Mak on the RT. Great system. Don't think they make them for the K75. Check with

    I have the RKA on the LT and like it. It allows me to change its size at will. The workmanship is very good. Also have RKA saddle bag liners. Well thought out. Other liners didn't have shoulder straps. Doesn't seem like much, but important when you are trying to haul stuff into hotel.

    I like the expandable bags as they allow me to change size while on the road.

    The only complaint I have with RKA on the LT is the map case is WAY too small. On the Big Mak, it's big enough to see two folds of a map. On RKA, barely one....more like 80% of one. I guess it's time to get GPS.

    Also look at the Sargeant tank bag system. It is also well thought out and changable.

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