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Thread: Non-heated winter gloves

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    Non-heated winter gloves

    I haven't bought winter gloves in years and thought I'd check to see if you have some positive testimonials. I have heated grips on my RT and seldom ride in temps colder than in the 40's. As for pricing, $50-$75 feels about right. Any suggestions?



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    Heated gloves will keep your fingertips warm. The grips won't. If you get wet in the rain, heated gloves keep your wet hands warm. If you don't want them heated for short rides or warmer days, don't plug them in. I say "Why bother with anything else?".

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    I have heated grips and just use a heavy-weight, winter glove with a glove liner. I've ridden in temps as low as the twenties and that seems to be more than enough.

    Link for glove liners:

    I've heard a few others comment about installing GS hand guards during the winter to reduce wind on the hand grips.

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    I absolutely love my Olympia all season gloves. I lost my first pair to our dogs and just bought a new pair at the Catskill rally. They're about $70.00 and work great in the conditions you describe. They give good feel for a winter gove and are luxuriosly comfortable. I have a pair of the BMW waterproof winter gloves and while they would be better in real cold or real wet (Under 30 dry or under 45 wet. Under 30 degrees wet is not an option for me.). They are bulky and have poor feel. I"ve used the Olympias from 60 down to about 25 on my old RT with heated grips and have not been cold.
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    Outa your price range but I bought a pair of Lee Parks Designs deer skin insulated gloves last year. I've been pretty impressed with them so far & they're not bulky at all like most cold weather gloves so i've still got plenty of feel for the controls.

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    Look at the Tourmaster Polar-Tex gloves and consider the silk liners.
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    +1 on the Olympia All Season's. I used them through the winter in NE and was very pleased. Gore-tex too. With heated grips, I was OK down to the low 30s.

    There's the Webbikeworld review link for your consideration
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    Well, I kind of like gloves and I buy different ones and use them all. On a roadtrip, on average, I will have 3 sets with me. Here are my findings:
    I like the Aerostich Roper gloves, they work great with my Airhead RS, they did not work well on the Oilhead RT; must be the way they fit and have different pressure points on the throttle hand.
    I like Tourmaster winter glove, they were about $30; they are cheaply made, but are waterproof and warm, for the few months that I use them worthy.
    I like the Marsee 3 into 1 glove. It comes with a liner and are waterproof. They are about $75 new and a great compromise.
    I love Held gloves. They are in a class by themselves. It is proof that you get what you pay for. At $175 they are expensive, but hands down feel like custom made.
    I had heated Gerbing gloves at one point, but sold them. They were too bulky for my liking.
    So, it depends on personal taste and fit, kind of like boots too. My food for thought anyway... Good luck in the decision making process.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by pirana View Post
    Outa your price range but I bought a pair of Lee Parks Designs deer skin insulated gloves last year. I've been pretty impressed with them so far & they're not bulky at all like most cold weather gloves so i've still got plenty of feel for the controls.
    +1 So far, I've worn them in ~50 deg weather without the grip heaters and my hands have been fine.

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    I find that the heated grips provide plenty of warmth. The key is to find gloves that are waterproof, but still fairly lightweight. I tried some snowmobile gloves, but they were just to thick. I ended up with hunting gloves from Cabelas.

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    Add another vote for the Olympia gloves. Mine are waterproof and work well from about 35 to 70. I used to carry three pair - heavy, medium, light - but with these I only need the light gloves when it gets above 70 or so.
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    I bought a pair of Rousch ski team racing gloves. If you look around, you can get them for about 75-90 dollars. They are ski gloves. Neat thing is that they have a natural curve in the fingers. I have never been cold with them; not even skiing. They are the gaunlet style so they go over jacket's wrist band. They keep you warm. If you want to try some, just go to a ski resort's pro shop and try some of their ski gloves on.

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    Except for the quality, I like my BMW winter gloves. They are comfy and warm with or without heated grips, are waterproof, and have a squeegie to get the snow off your visor. I wore them regularly in the winter in Colorado on my airhead RS without heated grips. However, the liner started to come unstitched at the end of a couple of the fingers after only a season or two. Very disappointed, but I still use them regularly in the cold. One of these days I'll get around to repairing them.

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    I've got a variety of gloves I use. Probably the pair I wear the most are the BMW summer rainproof gloves. I live in a warmer climate and ride year round; I live across the river from Memphis, Tn. in Marion, Ar. . I mainly ride a K100RT and a R11RS with GS hand guards, both have heated hand grips. I can get away with just using the BMW summer gloves most of the year, in fact these gloves are too warm for the hottest part of the summer months. I run em at least 8 months out of the year. For the coldest part of the year I wear the BMW winter rainproof gloves and variety of summer gloves. Most of the summer leather gloves I use last about 2 years, summer sweat rots them out. I have the heated gloves that go with my heated liner and really don't use them.

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    As long as its dry my Held Steves are very comfortable with heated grips down to the high 30s F. Anything colder than that and I wear my Held Hawk Gore-Tex gloves which are heavily insulated winter/wet weather gloves. Like all heavily insulated gloves, they're bulky and you lose considerable feel, but they darn sure work. They've been discontinued, but Held replaced them with something very similar called the Ice Breaker (LINK) which I wouldn't hesitate to buy if that's the type of glove I was looking for. It looks like they'll cost around $130.

    Granted, I'm on a 12GS so I have the hand guards protecting my fingers from wind, so on your RT it'll prabably feel colder. But I suspect something like the Steves combined with your heated grips should keep you comfortable down to at least 50 F.
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