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Thread: 97 R1100RT Windshield bracket bent

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    Question 97 R1100RT Windshield bracket bent

    Any help welcomed !... bike fell against a wall and bent the left bracket on the windshield.... could anyone tell me how to access the bracket?.. got limited wrenching experience... am new to the forum and please forgive me if this should be posted elsewhere... thanks for any comments!!! CWidmer

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    The only way I know iof to gain complete access to the windshield assembly is to remove the bootom cowl, left and right side fairings, both mirrors, then the front fairing. That is a lot of hex head screws, a couple of phillips screws, and potentially a few bolts. It is not difficult, but can be both time consuming and a bit intimidating the first time you do it.

    I use a power screwdriver and the 3 mm hex adapter I bought form to make it quicker and easier. I also use a lot of zip lock bags labeld for each fairing part to hold the screws to make assembly easier.

    If you have never done soemthing like this before, you may want to see if someone in the local area can help you out.

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