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Thread: Boot Dryers

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    Boot Dryers

    I am looking to buy one of those boot/helmet/glove dryer gadgets. I see that there are several variations of these and of course some cleverness with PVC tubing a fan and some duct tape are also a possibility. I like to put the boots out on my sunny patio to dry, but of course that is not always workable particularly over night.

    I don't plan to use this away from home and for what it's worth I will most likely use it more for my work boots than the Motorcycle ones. Wet Sweaty boots are not good for foot health.

    If anyone has experience with these I would appreciate your sharing it



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    I've been using the PEET boot dryer for years. Its a very simple idea - they put a large wattage resistor at the base of each tube and the heat it gives off slowly dries your boots, gloves, helmet, whatever you put over the tubes. No fans, not moving parts, very low wattage draw AND extremely effective. Because it dries slowly, overnight on even the most dripping wet boots, they won't shrink. HIGHLY recommended! OH... the NFL uses them too!
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