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Thread: Under Where???

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    Under Where???


    OK, I've seen many topics on options for the best solution to riding underwear (cycling shorts, LD shorts, running shorts, commando (?) ).

    I was just in a CAA office yesterday getting maps and noticed an ad for this in their travel section. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this product, or similar?
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    I have a Tilley sailing hat that is many years old. Good stuff!

    didn't know about the clothing.
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    Good Products if you don't mind the price

    I have bought their hat and underwear, well pleased with all. The briefs and undershirt work well for overnight wash & wear while traveling. I think the hat will never wear out. I haven't found a better undershirt for wash & wear. The undershirt is a great body heat and moisture transformer. I have found some micro fiber briefs that were less expensive and will work for the wash & wear needs.

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    riding under apparel

    After about 500,000 miles I believe I am qualified to say the solution is right at I have no affiliation or stake, but I can say Mario, the owner and "inventor" is one swell guy and knows his stuff.

    The material the shirt, shorts, or long under pants is made of is very unique. It not only wicks sweat away from your body, it can be wet down on the outside of it and it will then cool you down as the water evaporates in the breeze.

    The underclothing is also warm in the cooler temps and perfect when you use a heated electric garment over it and under your jacket or 'stich.

    The key to the pants/shorts is NO seam where you sit. I strongly recommend the long pants instead of the shorts. The long pants are way comfortable even in heat. Doesn't make a lot of sense, but I kid you not!

    I know, because I ride IronButt rallies and have just finished a 5000mi/5day rally - the Run What Ya' Brung out of Salt Lake City - hot, cold, rain - you name it!

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    No doubt the above two sources are good, however...

    Go to an REI store and you will see dozens of different unseamed, wicking, warm in the cold, cool in the heat type undergarments. They are all a bit pricey, but the work wonders. At REI and other good sporting goods stores, they serve Millions of folks that work out in all kinds of weather, and the clothing must stand up to the physical abuse in addition to the climate. Cabela's and others have picked up on the concept and the materials are now available in an amazing array of garments. Are they worth it? Damn betcha! I personally wear lots of stuff left over from tour biking days. It works great, and feels great, and dries overnight without weighing a thing when packed.

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    You said under where!

    Ok, so I'm imature..................

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