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    Don't know if I'm being masochistic or just plain foolish, but here it is...

    Over the years, I've attended many shows, parades, rallys and public events that celebrate things that I have an interest in... I've found that I enjoy the events more if I can participate in the event instead of being just a spectator. As a new BMW (K1200LT) owner and BMWMOA member who just happens to live about 30 miles away from the rally site in Spokane, I've been looking for a few things I could do to help out with this years BMWMOA rally.

    I understand there are no organized touring bike day trips planned for the rally in Spokane. I have already posted a couple of suggested routes on this website, and I'd like to volunteer to lead a group ride for a few riders on one of these routes on Thursday morning, and if there's enough interest, again on Saturday morning. I'm thinking probably not more than 10-12 bikes in a group.

    The ride I have in mind is the Thompson Pass loop which is a fairly easy 300 mile loop, all on good paved roads. IMHO, this is one of the better scenic routes through northern Idaho and reaches just into the western edge of Montana. Lots of photo ops and lake/river views, with just a few tight twisties and only one steep climb to a 4300 foot pass at the Montana border.

    I will have route sheets and a sign-up list available at the hospitality booth on Wednesday, and plan on departing the fairgrounds at 9AM on Thursday and Saturday mornings. If you're interested, let me know and make sure to get on the list.

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    Sounds good to me

    I was speaking to a gent here in the Dry Town that is from up your way... Montana I think that was putting together a day trip over to the east and back...

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